Time to Start the Xmas Stitching!

Okay, just kidding, let's pretend I started months ago... :)

Hope you've all had a good 2 weeks! It's been very busy for me, hence no posts since the last one on November 21st, and that was a scheduled post! I was away at my parents and came home to emergency house guests fleeing a domestic situation. We're all alone again and they're in a safe place and things seem to be moving in a positive direction at this point. Fingers crossed it will continue for them! 

Now for some updates. I'm extending the time for finishing my gifts for my Grandma and uncle to hopefully Xmas, although I might extend the time for my uncle's. I did get some done, but it was busy at home, as usual, plus my parents have been having issues, but anyways, stitching got done! And that's always good. 

Oh, and I might have a small addiction to the new Animal Crossing mobile game....

 Covered Bridge got a lot of beads and more stitches:

Fishing is really coming along:

I had forgotten to bring this one with me, so madly trying to finish it before I start December:

And I got some border done on Frosty Friends. I'm hoping to maybe get a couple done for Xmas gifts for DD's teachers. There's not much to show, but they will eventually look like this:

I hope you've all had productive weeks and enjoyed your holidays if you had them!

Back to stitching, I need to make up for lost time. :)

Happy Stitching,



  1. You've been so productive, great progress! Just a gentle warning about the frosty friends....... they are so detailed! I stitched one last year as a present for Justine and it took me a while....... but I am a slow stitcher ;) I love them, Stacey Yakula's designs are always adorable.

  2. Nice progress Tiffany. Glad things are settling down for you.


  3. che bei progressi e quanti progetti

  4. You did a lot of work considering all the extraneous stuff you had going on! I get one little life blurb and it messes up my entire stitchy week!

  5. Ah I remember those Frosty Friends...We were all going mad over them! They're so cute. Ingrid did make one for me and it's absolutely beautiful but yes a ton of work.

  6. Lovely progress on your projects.Covered Bridge and Fishing are looking great.

  7. These are all such beautiful projects! (Hmmm... Animal Crossing was the only game I really played when my boys had their Wii. I don't dare look up the mobile game!) Wishing you a stress-free month and lots of stitchy progress!

  8. Wow great progress on everything. The MH is just beautiful indeed. No don't remind me about Frosty Friends. They are so cute!!

  9. The Covered Bridge is looking great, there's a lot of work in those designs.

  10. Covered bridge looks fantastic! The frosty friends are super cute. I hope you get some nice relaxing stitchy time over the holidays.

  11. You have been busy! I can't wait to see Frosty Friends, those are adorable.

  12. Good progress on stitching. The frosty friends are very cute!

  13. Great progress! Covered bridge is looking great with all those beads. I hope things will calm down for you.

  14. I love Covered Bridge and as well as your other wips.

  15. Covered bridge looks amazing with all those beads! You are probably a lot further along on everything by now, so I shall continue reading through my blog-backlog :)


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