Sunday, February 25, 2018

Gifted Gorgeousness 2018 - February Edition

I'm exactly 10 days late for GG posting, so that's a little better than the Zodiac one. Again hosted by the amazingly organized Jo, check out her GG post for all the participants this month.

I have quite a few things I've worked on from January 15th through February 15th thanks to the Olympic stitching, so let's do a quick run through and see if I can list them all without this post getting to novella length. 

I'll post the photos and names and talk more about them in my next, closing Olympics post. 

Sweater for DD, left front and back complete
 Ballerina Dreams - getting there slowly!
Fishing - as it was in the last post
Joy Snowglobe - added one strand of blue
 Christmas Dragon - added one strand of Holiday
 I Love you More Today - Jodyri design, added a little more 
 Do Not Meddle - stunt stitching
 Kiss for a Snowman - for DD
 Butterfly Quote - by Jodyri designs, also for DD

Lots of different projects were worked on this past month since there was the Olympics and it was nice to see some old friends. 

Hope you all had a great month and Happy Stitching!



  1. DD's cardigan is knitting up nicely
    Great fabric the Love You More Today is stitched on.

  2. Awesome progress on all of your projects Tiffany.


  3. Great progress on all the projects! You managed a lot of knitting on your DD's sweater and it is looking beautiful :)

  4. A lot done, best shape on stitching (we use to say olympic shape) and the knitting is gorgeous, love the wool and chart you chose. xxx

  5. Lovely knitting for your daughter,and plenty of great stitching projects

  6. The sweater is lovely such pretty colors.
    Lots of great stitching going on.


  7. Thanks for taking part in GG this month. Your jumper coordinates very nicely with our logo!
    There is certainly quite a variety this month thanks to the Olympics.

  8. Lots there I recognize. Nice to see them again.

  9. Wow, so many different pieces worked on! I'm looking forward to reading more about them.


Thanks for any comments!

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