Monday, May 21, 2018

IHSW - May Conclusion and WIP Maynia

This past weekend was the third weekend in May, so that was IHSW. I hope you all had some time to hermit and stitch. We had a pretty fantastic rain storm on Saturday afternoon, so that gave me some time while DD was "resting". She doesn't exactly nap any more, but she definitely needs some time to wind down for a while. 

Let me get WIP Maynia out of the way first since it's chronologically in order and the last piece I worked on had a lot more added during IHSW. 

Satsuma Street Happy Halloween
on 18 ct oatmeal aida?

 Warbreaker (book cover charted by skitzzzzz)
on 14 ct black aida 
Blue Fractal by skitzzzzz
 1 over 1 on 28 ct monaco

Spider Banner by AAN
 2 over 1 on 32 ct opalescent gift fabric
Lakeside Needlecraft UTS SAL
 2 over 2 on 28 ct Eilat from Chromatic Alchemy
The Optician - NEW START!
2 over 2 on 28 ct fabric from Chromatic Alchemy (I'll look up the name) 

To celebrate keeping up with WIP Maynia for 14 days, I decided to start on something new on May 15. It's the project I hope to finish in time for my friend's 50th birthday in June. I'm switching up the glasses a little bit to look more like ones we have in stock, and more like real glasses vs. the ones in the pattern. I've done a lot of the basic stitches now, although I had to modify a few things. This is the original again:
and these are my modifications so far:

You may notice that the optician has no hair, my friend shaves his head. :) And doctor/optician coats have white buttons, so I only backstitched those instead of making them black. Also, he has blue eyes, so I changed the eye colour and I changed the shoes to try and make them look like Converse. He wears those every day. I think the wording on the eye chart will change too, but I haven't decided what to put there yet. 

So this has a lot of the heavy work done and now just needs a lot more glasses. I needed to get out my metallics and some funky colours because glasses are a fashion accessory now more than they've been some years, plus it will add interest. I'm open to ideas for fun glasses if you have any, or what I should put in the eye chart. I'm debating something like "KEITH'S 50th BDAY" but haven't settled for sure yet. 

Thanks for stopping by and I always appreciate your comments!

Happy Stitching!



  1. Your WIPs are all looking great! Can't wait to see your fun glasses and what you decide for the eye chart. It'll be cute:)

  2. I love the changes you made to the Optician chart. Made it very personal.

  3. All your projects look great. Nice to see the UTS SAL. I need to get mine back out too soon. Love the changes you have made. I like the idea of the birthday message in the eye chart. Good luck deciding.

  4. Nice progress on all of your projects Tiffany. Love the eye doctor one and your changes.


  5. Wonderful progress, I love the Spider Banner.


  6. I love your Opticians project.I like it with the chart,perhaps you could put your owmn message.

  7. I love the changes you are making to the Optician chart for your friend. He is going to love it.

  8. Lovely selection of WIPs and a great new start! I like the way you#re customizing the optician pattern, it will have your friends name written all over it once you're done :)

  9. As someone who has had some form of corrective lenses since a tiny girl, I still find it super weird that glasses are a fashion accessory! I wished so many times I didn't have to wear glasses growing up hah! Love how you're customizing that particular pattern. :D

  10. Everything looks great and I just love The Optician and how you are customizing it! Does his office have some kind of slogan they use? That might be good on the chart?

  11. Great progress on your projects! The one with optician theme is cute:) Maybe you can try a little less words on the chart like, 'Keith is 50' . It's good that you are customizing the design and it is looking lovely:)

  12. Great work on your Maynia pieces and I love the optician chart. How about some big Elton John style glasses at the top? He's old enough to remember them!

  13. What a great personalised gift, it'll be fabulous.

  14. Nice progress and I love the optician! Maybe you could make glasses that have 50 as the frames?You'll have to take his picture with it when he opens it!


Thanks for any comments!

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