Wish List

- Dragon Dreams Blackwork Dragon

- Clouds Factory Vincent Van Gogh and Leonardo Da Vinci

- Tywyn Sampler by Charland Designs

- A Spirited Mandala by Ink Circles

- Alto Gether Now by Ink Circles (I have Bass and Treble, Bass stitched for MIL)

- Hearts of Canada series (13 in all)

- Crow by Acorn House 

- Illusions by Funk and Weber

- Halloween Spooky Sampler by The Frosted Pumpkin

- Sleepy Hollow by the Cross-Eyed Cricket

- Sleepy Hollow by Glendon Place

- Halloween Banners - Artecy

- Blissfully Unaware by Hands On Design

- Guardians by Whispered by the Wind

- Mourning Tree by Whispered by the Wind

- In the Gloaming by Whispered by the Wind

- Let's Read by Ursula Michaels

- Let's Dance by Ursula Michaels

- Let's Visit Canada by Ursula Michaels

- Let's Read to Kids by Ursula Michaels

- Basset Hound by Riolis


  1. So...I've ended up here...and I do like ink circles designs...haven't done one yet...but ....now I am looking at ALL the ones I want to do! lol

    1. It's difficult because she has so many fun designs. I've only stitched one little one so far, but her large designs are so amazing.


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