Sunday Stitching and a New Game?

It's been a busy week and weekend and I've been doing more finishing than stitching, but there has been a very small amount of stitching as well. 

I managed to put together both White Wolves and Homeward Trail in their frames, but I only got a photo of White Wolves before I wrapped them both. I will try and get a photo of Homeward Trail once it's unwrapped. Here's White Wolves:

I also managed a small amount of stitching on a project or two that I will leave quiet for now.

I'm going on a trip soon to deliver White Wolves and Homeward Trail. I didn't finish the Song of the Weather afghan, so that is still a WIP. My new game is:

Can You Guess Which Project I Will Take With Me On Vacation?

I have a lot of WIPs, so I'll give you 10 to choose from that I'm likely to stitch on and at the end of my vacation I'll show you the photos and reveal the winners. I'll leave this open until U.S. Thanksgiving (November 26) to give everyone a shot at guessing. 

I plan to give away some Jodyri threads since I've really enjoyed stitching with them and since I've signed up for the monthly club I have some spares since I don't know that I'll ever stitch that many projects with variegated thread. 

10 Most Likely WIPs

1. Sleigh Ride by Dimensions

In a perfect world I'd get this finished up by Xmas, even with starting on new fabric. I do really like this 25 count pewter Lugana I traded out for the 14 count aida. It was so stiff and horrible to work with! I think I'll start at the top and work down instead of cross-country stitching. 

2. Tribal Dragon by WWS

I love this one and can't wait to have it finished up and in DD's room. The wings are almost completed and then will come the head and spine in one colour and the underbelly will be a nice variegated Waterlily thread. I'm really looking forward to progressing on this one. 

3. Song of the Weather afghan

I left August a little over half done and if I really get a move on this could be complete for Xmas for my Grandma this year. And I do enjoy stitching the hardanger mostly. I think I have a handle on wrapping so I don't tense my wrists as much. 

4. Ho Ho Ho

I'm well on the way with the tree in this one and since each element uses variegated thread it's a relatively easy stitch. I think this one again could be easily completed by Xmas. 

5. Butterfly Quote by Jodyri Designs

This has been a great project to try out Jodyri's threads and I have really found stitching with them easy and they seem to stay untangled very well. There's a good amount in each skein and I'm hopeful I won't need more than one skein to finish each part. This will be another gift for DD once I get it done. 

6. Ladyfee Xmas SAL

This is a little unlikely for an Xmas finish, but it's a simple design on Anne Cloth, so it's certainly a nice, easy stitch and not as many colours to bother with as the stocking (#1 above). I even know that I'd like to finish it as a long pillow for our couch. 

7. Twilight Race Cars

I really love this design and DH loves it too. Both his birthday and Xmas are in December, so it would be nice to finish it. There aren't a lot of colour changes and I love that the fabric I chose closely resembles the blue background so it sort of emerges from the fabric. 

8. Maple Leaf by AAN

White Wolves is a finish for my brother and I'm debating about sending this one out to my SIL. She loves maple leaves and this design is so fun, plus since I'm stitching it on 14 count it's stitched up rather quickly and easily. 

9. The Princess and the Dragon

I love working on this one! It's so fun and I'm getting to a point where it's going to get exciting with nearing the Princess and all these different elements and bits. It's been hard to put down to finish the other projects as well, even though this is still a long ways from a finish. 

10. 2014 Xmas SAL by Helene et Mahelia

This is so close to a finish! All it needs is some DMC 3865 and some backstitch and it will be complete. It might be the perfect traveling piece if I could only remember where I've put the thread. 

Those are your choices, so please give it a shot and one hint is I may bring more than one project to work on. 

Also, I don't post about world issues, but, 

Je Suis Parisienne,



  1. Oh I love all of them!!! Can't wait to see what you pick. I'll vote for 1. I love your idea of doing it from the top too.

  2. Just playing for the fun of it... please don't include me in your giveaway! I'll be for the Tribal Dragon!

  3. Have a great trip Tiffany. I will pick 2, 4, 7 and/or 8. I figure small easy to work on projects.


  4. I'm going to vote Princess and the Dragon simply because it's my favorite and I'm selfish that way!

  5. I think the Lizzie Kate and maple leaves projects are easier to work on a trip. I had taken a crochet project with me and I was on 15 day vacation but I hardly did 5% of it.
    Your framed piece is looking fantastic !!

  6. Hmm.. Based on what I would take on vacation with me, 2, 4, 5, 8, 10
    9, if it's not the Teresa Wentzler I'm thinking of.

    1. Good guess and Princess and the Dragon is from Charting Creations, it's a silhouette. I have a few updates in other posts. :)


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