Wednesday, November 4, 2015

WIP Wednesday and Being Naughty ;)

I finished!!! I'm all done Homeward Trail, but I took a horrible photo and if you can't wait to see it, it's here. Be careful, it's sideways. I will work on taking better photos tonight and mounting it. 

I was busy yesterday evening because the Cross Stitch Forum is having Stashmas and our mail-out date is today. I'm waiting on one more thing before I mail out, but I got plan B ready just in case. 

I managed a little bit of stitching on Princess and the Dragon:
 from here
to here

There was more below, but then I made a counting error and had to pull out about 100 stitches, or all the work I did last night. Boo... but at least the fabric held up really well to pulling out 1 over 1 on 28 count, so good on Chromatic Alchemy Jazlyn! 

I also have a small amount of progress on LK's HoHoHo. I keep this as my stitching-in-the-car project so it doesn't grow very quickly. 

I'm very happy with how the photo turned out since the fabric does look black for once. I try and take a photo with some of the white chart in it, then crop it out and sometimes it turns out exactly how I want it to. Having something white in the photo helps the white balance be a little more accurate. DH, being a photographer, helped me with that tip. :)

And because I'm holding out on you with photos of Homeward Trail, how about a giveaway? If you can find an area of missing stitches, not beads, in Monday's large photo (below), then I'll send you the giveaway of your choice. I have fabric, kits, threads or charts up for grabs. 

EDIT: There are beads missing in the bottom left corner, but no stitches. 

If there are a lot of correct guessers I'll use a random number generator, if only one person guesses correctly, then they'll win. Let's leave this open until 3PM EST tomorrow, November 5th. 

Good luck and happy stitching!



  1. Great stitching, well done. I think it's in the bottom left corner looking at the photo, some darker stitches seem to be missing.

    1. I emailed you as well, but those are beads missing. I edited the post and please feel free to take another guess. I should have been more specific.

  2. Come to think of it, as much trouble as I have with stitching on that navy fabric of Disney's 35th Anniversary project, doing it in a car would be best because you would have all that natural light seeping through and wouldn't have to use a light table...only problem is, since I have to go into work alone, driving and stitching probably wouldn't work too well!

    But all your projects look fantastic! I can't even tell where my missing stitches are, let alone someone else's, so I'll leave the guesses to the experts!

  3. Beautiful stitching. Sorry the frog visited you. Glad it came out easily. Thanks the tip on taking a photo of black. Nice to have a pro teach ya those things. I tried looking for the missing stitches but just get overwhelmed with how pretty the design is haha. Good luck to those who try though.

  4. Still a beautiful design even with missing stitches that are near to impossible to see.
    It looks like there are some missing stitches in the upper left corner on the inside of the design. Not the border.


  5. I see an area of a few missed stitches. On the right side, about an inch inward or left of the curlicues and the one eyelet. Looks like about 5 stitches maybe. These curlicues are just left of the second half of the right border. At any rate, this is gorgeous. I stalk/lurk your blog so I've been watching this grow. Great stitching!

    1. You're right!! And what's more, I didn't even notice _those_ stitches were missing! That wasn't the spot I meant at all. So you get a super-duper prize.

  6. beautiful stitching, love the purple fabric

  7. No idea were the missing stitches could be!! It just looks fabulous as it is :)
    Love your stitching on Princess & the Dragon. This is a chart I'd never seen before & it looks superb already on that GORGEOUS fabric!!!


Thanks for any comments!

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