Throwback Thursday

Things are still too crazy to get much stitching done, but I do have a Throwback Thursday for you. 

from WOXS by Maria Diaz

This was my first project from a magazine and it was pretty adventurous for me at the time (2011). It's from WOXS, but I'm not sure which issue. DH's cousins had very recently, very suddenly lost their beloved dog. They had 2 retrievers and they lost the one that was most active and younger very suddenly to kidney disease.

There was a planned baby shower for one of the cousins in two months so I was under pressure to get this one finished and I stayed up all night a few nights to complete it. It was very much worth it though and they really liked it. 

The greens were difficult since I hadn't done much confetti up to that point and there were several different shades of green to deal with in this one. I'm very happy with the finish though, and I think now it would be a breeze. 

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  1. Beautiful dog portrait and, clearly, a labor of love.

  2. Oh what a lovely gift for them. Beautiful!!

  3. Great job Tiffany and such a sweet gift.


  4. Your gift is so beautiful !! Congrats on completing in time!

  5. That is lovely and I'm sure it is a cherished gift.

  6. Amazing stitching, well done. How lovely to receive this.
    Barbara xx


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