Monday, May 23, 2016

IHSW Part 2 May Conclusion

It's time again to report what I managed to stitch over IHSW hosted by the fantabulous Joyce of Random Ramblings. We lucked out this month and had 2 IHSWs and I managed a decent amount of stitching over the first, but not so much on this one. 

I did finish my owl #6 stitched with DMC 823 for the outline 4 over 2 and Jodyri Ruby Ringed Parakeet for the filling. I used 2 strands to give it the backstitch look:

And since this is number 6 I now have 2 rows complete:

I'm very happy with the look so far. Those of you with eagle eyes may notice that my second row is a little larger than the first row, and that my filling looks different than others. I managed to make a mistake so early on in the first owl that it wasn't worth fixing since I didn't notice it until I started the second owl. So I made them all the same in this row. I don't think it will be noticeable when I'm finished since the entire row looks the same size. 

I also had time to frame "Good Friend" by Sue Hillis and deliver it to my friend, who loves it!

I did stitch a little more on Mini Winter Magic, but I had planned on taking a photo after working on it yesterday evening. Turns out my other plan, to finish working on DH's Father's Day gift from DD and get it ordered crashed and burned spectacularly twice. So I lost 3 hours of time to do accomplish anything. 

Frustrating and I'll see what I can get done this week. I hope I can manage to at least get it ordered before we go see my Grandma again over this upcoming weekend. She was moved into a nursing home last Wednesday and seems to be doing well with it so far. She gets more care than she did in the hospital, and gets a daily rye and water, so that helps too I'm sure. :)

I hope you all had a less frustrating weekend!



  1. I love the colors for this OWL. Your OWLS look great altogether - I am sure no one will ever notice the difference in the rows. Great job!. That is a great gift for a good friend.

  2. I couldn't tell a difference in size, but oh man! They look amazing!!

  3. Beautiful stitching. Your friend's gift looks great framed up!
    Hope you Grandma continues to improve...the rye and water sounds like it would help a lot!

  4. Your owls look wonderful. I don't think anyone would think the size difference was a mistake if they noticed at all. Nice frame for your friend's gift. I hope your Grandma continues to enjoy her new home - and the rye and water!

  5. Congrats on the great finishes Tiffany. No one would know the difference in size if you didn't say anything.


  6. adoro i gufi e che bello il quadro, la frase รจ vera

  7. Gorgeous, these rows of owls. And a lovely gift for your friend.

  8. Those owls are so cute and colorful!! love all the pattern fillings :)

  9. A lovely gift for your friend.
    The owls always make me smile, such a fun project

  10. A sweet gift for your frame and I love your owls, they really look lovely!

  11. We both seem to be into owls lately.

  12. Those owls are so darn cute, Tiff!!!! Nope, can't hardly tell the 2nd row is larger. <3


Thanks for any comments!

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