Wednesday, May 11, 2016

WIP Wednesday... Not!

Thank you for all your suggestions about hanging my Handblessings finish. I think for Father's Day I will attach it to the cabinet with some sort of double-sided tape or 3M strips, but also have a light frame on hand in case DH prefers that option. The comments about damage because it is in the kitchen are very good points, even if it's out of usual food prep area, I do have a toddler, so anything could happen!

I forgot to take a photo of my current WIP, HAED Mini Winter Magic, although I'm almost done the DMC 3756 on the page! I stayed up a little too late on Monday to finish off a big section and paid for it a bit on Tuesday with a mild headache, but I'm back to "normal" today. 

Over the weekend I picked up my KLT Charting Owl SAL to work on and I finished off Owl #4. He was part of DUCJFC, so that's 15/60 so far. My goal is 30/60 this year.

Owl #4 with DMC 823 4 over 2 and Caron Waterlilies Passion 3 over 2 on 19 count afghan fabric

I hope everyone had a good Mother's Day! Here are a couple photos from my day:
Max, Max, the parrot cat

Tintin colouring book and pencil crayons!! so excited about this one 

and DD brought me some Tintin socks all wrapped up and helped me to open them and she finger-painted a canvas with a number 2 on it. 

I think I'll keep working on Mini Winter Magic to try and get the first colour complete and go on to the next large colour. I'm thinking if I can get the big parts done the confetti might be easier. We'll see how that goes. It's IHSW part 1 this weekend, so get your needles ready!

Happy Stitching,



  1. What a great thread you chose to stitch the motifs on the cute little owl.

  2. lovely stitching, pretty colours.

  3. I love the thread you chose for the owl!

  4. I love your colorful owl, and Max is very cute.

  5. I think that 30/60 is a safe goal, especially since most of those were pretty small.

    Congrats on the Mother's Day haul! I got in two new diamond cross stitch kits, so I count that as my MD present (even if I did buy them myself!).

  6. Your owl looks wonderful - great thread choice. Lovely MD gifts.

  7. Another cute owl! Sounds like you enjoyed celebrating Mother's Day.

  8. I love the colors you picked for your owl. Congrats on it's finishes and you moving one step closer to your goal

  9. Love the pretty colors in the Owl.

  10. Love that latest owl finish!
    Those little hearts stitched in overdyed are really sweet.


Thanks for any comments!

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