Wednesday, March 29, 2017

WIP Wednesday - A Catch-up and Some News!

I'm still working on the Theme-tas-stitch March Madness this month so I have a few more WIPs to show. 

Firstly, the shark cross stitch is complete, although the back stitch isn't quite done:
Durene Jones Under the Sea SAL
2 over 2 charted colours on 28 ct Eliat (Chromatic Alchemy)

This is a super secret Dimensions kit that I started in maybe 2008 or 2009. It will eventually be for DH and the pattern is 3 wolves howling at the moon. DH was away last Wednesday and I dug this out to work on. It looked like this last time it was out:
 and I got to here:

It's on 14 count aida from a kit, this is kind of before I realized there was better fabric out there, but I've done so much I won't be restarting. There are so many blends in this kit... But it's nice and I'd like to finish it some day, so I'll try and get it out when DH is away. :)

I dug out another WIP that hasn't been touched since last year, Tribal Dragon. It was here:

and one night got the green a little farther:

I was away at a conference all weekend and of course I went a little out of my way to the not-so-local-needlework-shop. I was telling myself I didn't need anything, which of course I don't, but hey, I can't not go! These were my goodies from Battenkill Stitchery. 

I also brought The Princess and the Dragon to get some of the filling in done. I didn't get as much done as I would have liked since they had to turn the lights down sometimes and it was too dark to stitch. I worked on the dragon part the whole weekend, and it used to be here:

and I managed this much:

Also, I have some news! Heather of It's Geek to Me and I are thinking we can do a SAL for the Letters from Nora - H. We think we can start next Wednesday, so I'm looking forward to getting back into my Letters. They're fairly quick and fun to do. 

Jo pointed out how many dragon WIPs I had and liked my idea of having a dragon month. We're leaning towards August since that would fit in the Theme-tas-stitch Animalia month. Join in if you'd like!

I'm really overdue in posting about this, but you should all check out Laura's fantastic journey through her WIPs and stash. She is also looking for someone to adopt this project, it's beautiful and about half-stitched. It's ideal if you have any weddings coming up. 

I think that was all I meant to post about? I hope you're all doing well and Happy Stitching!



  1. Love your Under The Sea,I am enjoying seeing this one and your fabric is lovely.
    Your project for your DH is going to look fantastic when it is finished.

  2. Adoro Durene Jones, il SAL è stupendo e tu hai sempre stoffe meravigliose

  3. Lots of x's were added , good progress on all your projects.The colors in Under the Sea Sal are lovely.

    1. Thank you! I do really love that fabric for UTS.

  4. Lovely work Tiff, the fabric you have chosen for the under the sea sal is gorgeous. The wolves will be stunning, good luck with your secret stitching! I might join you in August, I seem to have stitched a few dragons over the years as hubby loves oriental dragons.

  5. Ooh I love your wolf super secret project!! It is going to look fantastic.
    The princess project has had a lot of TLS during your weekend too, growing beautifully!

  6. Good luck on your SALs! One of these days I might do one, but I'm not too good with short-term dedication to things! Great progress on your WIPs too! I have the same issue with a kit with 14ct Aida (35th Anniversary), but I'm too lazy to even restart it (or work on it for that matter!).

  7. I love the Under the Sea one - so much I caved in and signed up! Eilat is the perfect fabric for it too.
    Your Wolf project looks stunning. I could probably stitch a gift for my husband right under his nose as he takes no interest in my stitching but then again he wouldn't appreciate it either! At least he doesn't notice my ever-increasing stash!

  8. Great progress as always Tiffany. Love your new stash.


  9. The sea SAL is going great and you made a good progress on other projects too. Secret stitching is always so exciting although there are challenges when both are working and at home the same time. I will check the links you shared.

  10. You've made great progress! (I have not touched a single cross-stitch project all month...) I like all of your projects, but must admit I smile every time I see an update on the Under the Sea SAL and on your Princess and the Dragon. I'd love to join in on the dragon month and try to make some impressive progress with Twilight Duel. :)

  11. You're still making great progress! I kind of abandoned March Madness after the check-in, but that's OK; it was fun while it lasted. I finished that little squirrel kit you got and he is perched on my fridge. He's very cute. :) Excited for our SAL to start...I just was fondling the fibers!

  12. Your WIPs are looking great. I love your new Glendon Place piece and the cute squirrel Mill Hill!

  13. You continued to make great progress on lots of projects March. I really like your Wolves. I do hope you will be able to work on it at times. I will enjoy seeing your progress

  14. Great work. At least the aida makes it easier to see where you stopped and started the Wolves.
    You really needed a little miner's helmet with a light to stitch the dragon!
    I do love seeing my name on other people's blogs - oo, that's me! Looking forward to Dragonic August.

  15. You March Madness was a full success! So much great progress. A Dragon Month for stitching sounds great, I'm looking forward to that.

  16. Such Beautiful stitching!!!! I love all your projects! I am headed to Lauras blog to check it out!!!

  17. Oh my you have been very busy, love the Dragon, of course all your stitching is lovely but that Dragon is my favorite.


  18. Great update (although I am a little late in visiting) x

  19. Oh my, you have stitched a lot on your WIPs. And great that you dug out that old WIP with the wolves. It deserves some attention :)


Thanks for any comments!

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