Friday, January 1, 2021

Happy New Year! 2021


We made it! 2020 is officially over and let's hope 2021 can be better. I'd love to be able to see family again, it's been about 11 months since we've seen anyone in person. I know it will still be a few months, but there's some hope ahead, and that's something. 

I started off the New Year ambitiously with a start on this one:

I decided to stitch on 32 count since I had a piece the right size and I'm going to do tent stitch to theoretically finish this in my lifetime. 

(I'll pause for you to finish laughing!)

So here's about 870 stitches so far:

You can start to see the outline of whatever animal that is in the top left corner and the first book is starting to be outlined as well. I won't mind getting into something that's not green soon. Although there's also a little 310 of course. 

I hope you all had a Happy New Year! I'll post on the finish of WIP Wranglers early next week as well. 

Stay well, and Happy Stitching!



  1. The pause wasn't long enough!
    But seriously, this is gorgeous, and good luck for continuing. :)

  2. Tiff: I am so happy 2020 is over I hope and positively pray that life will get back to normal.
    It is a beautiful piece, you have put in a great amount of stitch's.
    That is an orangutan, he is an amazing animal, I truly am looing forward to seeing it finished.
    Happy New Year


    1. Oh really? Wow, can't tell from the photo or the stitching. I'm glad you know though, and all the reds make more sense now too. :) Thank you and I hope you have a great 2021!

  3. Love your new start. Good luck.


  4. Oh wow - what a gorgeous new start!

  5. Warmest wishes for 2021
    Cracking new start!

  6. I hope you have an amazing 2021! Your new start is beautiful and I'll enjoy watching your progress!

    1. Thank you and I hope you and family have a fantastic 2021 as well!

  7. Wow. Gorgeous piece. I can't wait to see more.

  8. That's a great start! Although finishing it might take a while, I hope you'll get a decent start in this year. Happy new year!

  9. Well, that makes my BAPs planned for this year look like a bunch of Smalls LOL
    Stunning piece and a great start too.


Thanks for any comments!

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