Monday, January 18, 2021

Mid January Update

 Hello from wintry New England in the USA! We had a beautiful snowfall over Saturday night and woke up to this loveliness on Sunday. The quiet was still present as well, so it was quite a nice morning. The roads were clear, so driving to work wasn't an issue either. 

I've been working a lot on my New Year New Start, Amazing Animal Kingdom by Aimee Stewart. Eventually it will look like this:

and so far I only have almost the first page on the top left complete:

Amazing Animal Kingdom by Aimee Stewart
stitched 2 over 1 tent stitch as charted
on 32ct evenweave experiment by Chromatic Alchemy

My relatively fluid plan for 2021 is to try and stitch 2000 stitches on this BAP once per week, and then on a different WIP once a week so that they all get some work on them. I didn't manage it the first week, too much national stuff going on, in fact I don't think I stitched on 3 days out of that week? It was a rough one. I won't say I've entirely recovered, but I did manage to start a new one for Valentine's Day, and that seemed to help my stitching bug recover a bit:
Love by Durene Jones (FB Freebie)
stitched 2 over 1 as charted 
on 14ct silver perforated paper

This past week was a little better and I pulled out 2 WIPs to finish:

Winter by Bent Creek
stitched 2 over 2 with stash threads, mostly WDW and some DMC
on 28ct Feldspar by Chromatic Alchemy

I have no particular plans for this one, it's very cute and might fit easily in a 5x7 frame, or maybe I could try another flat fold? 

The second finish was this little dragon I've been draggin' around for several years now. It was a free chart from a French site, Lud In the Mist and is called Petit Dragon Rond:

Petit Dragon Rond by Lud-in-the-Mist
stitched 2 over 1 with Caron Waterlilies Holiday
on 14ct gold sparkle Aida

My other exciting news was my custom knitting/stitching bag arrived! I saw a bag on Roladex Stitcher's Flosstube and looked at the options the seller makes. You pick your own custom fabric and she turns it into amazing bags. The construction is really well done and I look forward to using this for a good long while. I chose the style called double flip, because it has 2 high zippered pockets (one for knitting, one for stitching) and the central section has pockets, including a zippered one for keys, pocketbook, etc.

I'm sure you're all surprised by the pattern I chose. :D Hockey, maple leafs, what's not to love?

The in between section with the long pockets on either side

And the seller also included a booksleeve for DD, to match her new bag:

This will be DD's first real purse, and it's so well constructed, I think it will survive for several years, possibly farther out than she will still like the pattern? It's really pretty and DD hasn't seen it yet, it will be a surprise later in the year. 

If you have any interest in looking into custom bags for yourself, the seller is Jasmine Ravenclaw, and she has Instagram, but no Etsy store, etc. at this time. 

I think they were very reasonably priced, and the product is really outstanding. 

And that's the year so far. The inauguration of President-Elect Joe Biden will be this coming Wednesday and I just hope it all goes smoothly. Still debating on if we'll watch it on TV or not given little eyes and ears that will also be watching. 

Stay well and Happy Stitching!



  1. I am glad you managed to settle enough to stitch! I must admit I was glued to the TV that night and I'm in the UK and try to avoid the news!
    You've done well to complete a page so far, do they list all the different animals with the chart?
    Love that dragon freebie too., especially in those colours.

    1. Thank you! And no, I didn't find a list anywhere. Some are obvious, like the gorilla, so that helps. Let's hope tomorrow goes smoothly.

  2. Great work on your animals. I love your Bent Creek Winter and those purses are fab

  3. Tiff: Wow that is one big project, it does look like a beauty.
    It always feels good to have a finish, if you are like me my mind starts to think about what I will start next.
    Nice bags.
    I love snow some of which we have had very little of this winter here in Minnesota.


  4. I'm trying so hard not to watch the news. I want to just live in my little corner. Beautiful stitching. Lovely new bags. I'm not surprised you picked that one at all haha. I'll take the unicorn bag if she ever grows out of it and I'm 41 haha.

  5. Snow! I don't like cold, but I LOVE snow! We don't get it here, we get But great stitching progress! Much to the chagrin to my co-workers, I'm watching the inauguration at work!

  6. I love that your Animals project starts with lots of color; so many start with black and are boring until you get to the main picture. I'm ignoring the inauguration stuff, just cause... but my DH has had it on all day.

  7. Winter is cute! Good luck on your plan, sounds like you will be stitching up storm.

  8. Oh wow - stunning pictures of the snow! I love your Animals project; so colourful and so much detail! I love your bags!! I hope this week has been better for you

  9. Great start into the year, even if it was a little rocky! The Animal Kingdom is progressing nicely, and well done getting two WIPs of the list so early. Love your and DDs bags, they really are pretty and look very well made!

  10. Congratulations on your beautiful finishes - two down, how many to go?
    I knew what your new start for DD was before I read it. With all those bright colours she's bound to 'love' it!
    But OMG, all those threads on AAK!!! It's giving me palpitations just looking at a picture of them! Congrats on the first page finish though. :)

  11. Wow! Amazing Animal Kingdom is just that - amazing! You have made so much progress and I love your Bent Creek finish, too. Great bag as well!

  12. We've had our fair bit amount of snow this year and I love it! It's making up for the last few years of getting nothing.
    That certainly is one BAP, but it will be beautiful when finished.
    Winter is so sweet and I love that dragon!
    The bags look great and such fun patterns.


Thanks for any comments!

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