Wednesday, May 20, 2015

DONE! And 30 Day Challenges Day 8 - 10 Words DD Says

White Wolves is 100% complete! I finished all the back stitching last night and it's done, done done! 

And now I have about 6 months to get it framed. I think that will be possible. I'm so happy it's done and I can cross it off my WIP list. 

30 Day Challenge - Giving up refined sugar

I'm having serious cravings for my sugar-full treats. I'm trying to stave them off by having honey in my tea and hot chocolate with maple syrup, but it's not going well. I slipped on Sunday and I feel another slip coming on. If I can make it through work and get home without heading over to the bagel shop then I think sorting the colours for my new project might keep me occupied enough to stop thinking about eating goodies. 

30 Day Challenge - Lists

Don't forget to check out Kate's list today too. She has some great app info if you're looking for new apps for any of your devices. 

10 Words DD Can Say

Let me preface this by saying we're teaching her both French and English, so some words are in French and some in English. DH stays home with her and he speaks French, so her French is a little stronger currently. 

1. Anana 

This was her first word besides Mama and Dada. It means pineapple in English and there's a picture of one on her water bottle. It's also how she asks for water. Sometimes she'll sign "water", but often she'll say "Anana"

2. Nou-Nou

Her bear's name. I will admit that we started saying "nounours" which is French for teddy bear and that became Nou-Nou. We have 2 identical ones and one that's slightly larger that we purchased by accident. It's nice to have back ups because it gets really dirty when she drags him around outside. 

3. Up

DD only recently started saying this and reaching her arms up to be picked up. She usually will say "up-up" instead of just saying it once. 

4. Nez

Another French word and this one means "nose". DD knows all her body parts now and can point to them on us as well. She knows them in French and English but she will only say "nez". She doesn't say any of the other parts yet. 

There was a memorable occasion when I was trying to get some stuff out of her nose and she was moving her head away, then she jammed her index finger all the way up one nostril and said "nez" over and over. It sounded all muffled and we lost it and laughed ourselves silly.

5. Dada

This might not seem like much since most babies will say either Mama or Dada first. The funny part is DH goes by "Papa" but DD will hardly ever say that, maybe once every couple months or so. And we'll say "Papa" to her and she says "Dada" back as if she's telling us the proper name. 

6. More

DD signed this first and has recently started to say it as well. She often adds some syllables on the end so she ends up saying "moh-moh" or "moh-nay-nay". We're not quite sure where that came from. 

7. Animals

Instead of saying the name for animals DD will make the noise. So monkey is "oo aah" and cat is "meow", dog is "abowow", cow is "moo", horse is "neigh" - distinctive from "nez" by how long she holds the vowels. 

8. No

This one is pretty amusing as well. We're pretty sure she's only just starting to figure out what it actually means. When she started saying it she definitely didn't know. She will always say this with a head shake as well, so it's never just "no" it's "No" with a head shake. 

9. Buh-bye

DD won't say this every time, but she does wave "bye" most of the time when she sees someone leaving or if she's leaving. 

10. Alice

Alice is our dog. This was another early word and it still sounds more like "Ayice", but she says it often. 

Hope everyone makes it through the rest of the week okay and happy stitching,



  1. Congratulations on the full finish! It is such a gorgeous piece. There never seems to be much rhyme or reason to what kids learn/say when it comes to vocabulary, but your DD sounds like a charmer.

  2. Congrats on the awesome finish Tiffany.


  3. How wonderful your White Wolves is, you must be feeling so pleased and proud of yourself and deservedly so! Good luck with being sugar free and your DD sounds so adorable - good on you teaching her both French and English.

    1. Thank you! It's a challenge, but it will be worth it.

  4. Yay, huge congratulations on finishing White Wolves Tiff! I love love love that you are teaching your daughter French and English. I always wanted to be bilingual as a child - I've always had a passion for languages and it would have saved me time on one less language to study lol!

  5. Thank you! She's doing well so far and that's our goal.


Thanks for any comments!

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