Sunday, September 13, 2015

Stitchy Sundays

A quick post to show where the weekend got me on Princess and the Dragon. I was off Friday and ended up doing more stitching than anticipated since I hurt my foot. It was in a really silly way too. I was trying to keep my cat from running outside since the door had been propped open and I managed to get one of his fangs right off one of my foot bones. He's fine, no problems, but I ended up with a really sore foot for a couple of days. 

I may have aggravated it by going biking shortly after it happened, but it's all better now. And the end result was more stitching than I thought I'd be able to do since I couldn't garden or clean much. So it all works out in the end. :)

And here's how Princess and the Dragon has progressed:

Hope everyone had a great, injury-free weekend!

Happy Stitching, 



  1. Sorry to hear about your foot but the stitching is looking good! :)

    1. I tried to find the post about stitching on one of your Joan Elliot projects either this year of man of next but I can't see for looking....i was looking through the 12 books I have of hers and have one I would like to do next year. Anyway, I am looking forward to today's post!

    2. was it this one?

  2. Great progress on your stitching. Sorry to hear you hurt your foot but I am glad that you have recovered.

  3. Beautiful stitching, so striking on that fabric!

  4. Great progress. Love the fabric color,

  5. Great progress on your stitching!! Hope your foot is better now.


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