Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Top 10 Dream Destinations

It's Top 10 Tuesday again and time to think up 10 dream destinations. They can be places you've been as well, and I'll add one or two of those since I would love to go back some day. 

Make sure you check out our host Kate's blog over at the Suddenly Kate Show and Keebles World since she's joined us this week. I haven't read their posts yet, but I'm guessing Keebles will have a definite Disney theme. 


1. Egypt

Ever since I was a small child I've dreamed of visiting Egypt. My kid self loved the Tut exhibit we saw at the Royal Ontario Museum and the mystery and majesty of Ancient Egypt has always been fascinating. It's even worse after you read Wilbur Smith's books and any Elizabeth Peters Amelia Peabody mystery

My grown-up self knows I'll likely never get there because of the unrest, but I can dream about it. Really, when you see the images on Google street view, it's pretty amazing all in itself. 

2. Disney World

I've never been to the big park, only Animal Kingdom. I'm looking forward to taking DD though. I think watching her and imaging everything through her eyes will be pretty amazing. 

3. France, especially Normandy

I was here in 1994 and it was a whirlwind trip, so we didn't have much time to investigate. I would love to have a month or so to spend in and around France. It will be a huge help that DH speaks French and DD is learning as well. 

My great-uncle is also buried in a small town in Normandy after he was shot down in WWII, so it would be good to see his grave again. 

4. Austria

Part of that whirlwind tour in 1994 was a short day in Salzburg. It was amazing to walk up to the castle on this very, very, long, winding ramp and look out across the town. I'd also like to see other parts of Austria since we only had time to see Salzburg. It was fun to run through the gardens they used in The Sound of Music though!

5. Caribbean

This is on many people's travel wish list, but I don't really know the appeal. I'm not a big beach person. I would like to travel around the islands and see all the history, but I'm not likely to go sit on a beach for hours. I'll add it here since it's a dream destination for a lot of people, but it's fairly low on my list. 

6. Germany

I actually have a relative living in Germany, my dad's cousin and we would have a place to stay with them if we ever get over there. We spent a few hours here in Heidelberg and it was a really beautiful city. I would love to see more of Germany, especially Mad King Ludwig's fairy tale castle, Schloss Neuschwanstein.

7. Belgium

We spent a very short time in Belgium in Bastogne (I think) and managed to find a great chocolate shop. My brother and I managed to find some Kinder chocolates and spent a significant amount of time in chocolate nirvana as we drove to the next town. 

A kind of funny story, my mother bought a box of Belgian chocolates, all different kinds, and forgot them in the trunk. We discovered them on the last night as we were about to fly home and they had congealed into a mass of chocolate. We all tried them, but it was much too sweet for me. My mother, however, managed to eat the whole box because she didn't want them to go to waste... I'm still not sure how she managed. 

8. The Rockies

I have been to the Rockies and Banff (pictured above) years ago. It was really breathtaking seeing the mountains and lakes and everything. My brother lives in Northern Alberta, so it would be great to see him and my SIL as well. There's also the dinosaur museum in Drumheller that is really cool. I can't wait to show these places to DD and DH. DH has never been to the Rockies or Western Canada at all. 

9. The Grey Cup

DH and I attended the 2008 Grey Cup that the Montreal Alouettes played in at home in Montreal, but they unfortunately lost. DH went to the 100th Grey Cup with his brother in Toronto, but I was unable to go. I would love to go with DD at some point, maybe the next time Montreal hosts. Or it could be Ottawa soon. I'm not sure how they decide who hosts, but it doesn't seem very fair. It seems like it's in Toronto every other year since they've hosted almost 50 times, a lot more than the second most, Vancouver, with 16 times. 

10. United Kingdom 

My Mom was lucky enough to visit England a few years ago and both of my parents just arrived home from a 2 week tour of Scotland. They loved it! They actually tend to argue a lot about almost everything, but they both had a wonderful time and are in a great mood too (they're currently visiting) so I know it was a really fantastic place to visit. 

Again, I would love to visit with DH and DD and experience it all together. I also have some cross stitch friends that maybe we could visit or finally experience the amazing Knitting and Stitching show that so many of them attend. :) 

I hope you enjoyed the list and please tell me your dream destinations!

Happy Stitching,



  1. Great list! I debated Egypt because I was a bit obsessed with all things Egyptian as a child, but when I think logistically of how hard it is to travel there with all the unrest, it's more than enough to put me completely off. I would be terrified!

    I partially agree with you about the Caribbean...if I could have the beach completely to myself, that would be the only place I would want to be, but that could never happen and I wouldn't be able to deal with all the local stuff.

    Oh, and when you get ready for Disney World...you've got your own resident expert on hand!

  2. Well, thats a great list! I have been to Egypt and had an amazing time but experienced less history and more culture but it was great and I have funny stories. A place I would have loved to revisit is Israel but I can't see that happening anytime soon!

    If you do come over then be sure to stop by!

    1. Definitely! And that's so awesome that you've been there.

  3. Love your choices - a lot of them would go on my list if I thought about one. LOL

  4. Great places to visit Tiffany. I would so love to go to DisneyWorld.


  5. Bellissima lista, ho amato molto Salisburgo, ma manca l'Italia :)

    1. L'Italia รจ un altro bel posto da visitare. Sono stato a Pisa e Venezia, e potrebbe essere bello vedere Venezia prima che sia sott'acqua!


Thanks for any comments!

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