Monday, July 15, 2019

School of Magical Stitches, Year 5, Week 3

Hello again, and no, you're not reading the title of the post incorrectly, I've skipped Week 2 because I need a little help with Week 3 and will get back to Week 2 and what I accomplished over Week 1 later this week I hope.

For Week 3, we're meeting a new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher, Professor Umbridge. This is the most hateful character in the entire series to my mind, and I'm not that thrilled about stitching anything with her in mind, but I will do my part.

We need to stitch 200 stitches on 5 different favourite Umbridge things.

1) Pink - I've started this one as the Kiss for a Snowman project has a lot of pink in the little girl's coat:

2) Tea or Tea cups - No clue on this one. It might need a new start. Lakeside Needlecraft has a little tea freebie, so I'm thinking of that and I have a friend that likes Tea, so maybe I could make a little gift bag or something.

3) Kittens - again, no clue. I don't think I have anything with cats on it, unless Tigers count. I'll have to check that

4) Any design/project that starts with a letter from RULES - Universal Monsters maybe?

5) Any designer that starts with a letter from STRICT - not sure yet, don't have an active Ink Circles, but have some kitted up.

This is a complicated one again, so if you have any ideas, here's my WIP list, or suggest a new start. I have a lot of charts I'd like to start, but ideally if I can work more on a WIP, that's preferable. :)

Thank you for any help!! And for your supportive comments too.

Happy Stitching!



  1. I think it was confirmed that you can use flowers/berries/leaves for tea, but need an actual hose cat for kittens. Doesn't the Monsters SAL have a cat in the Mummy panel?

  2. 4 Yes definitely Universal Monsters because you enjoy working on that one.

    5 could be many of your WIPs but I suggest UTS SAL because it's a SAL. You haven't got it out in forever.

    Good luck deciding!

  3. Lots to choose from. I would have thought tiger would count as a big scarey cat. Good luck with finding something for each one. Under the Sea hasn't been out for a while?

  4. I've been lucky Tiffany. I've been able to use my AvroraCS stained glass pieces for lots of them.


  5. Ah, Umbridge... what a nasty piece of work!
    I'm probably a bit late to recommend anything now so hope you found suitable projects to work on and/or start (although I too would have suggested the Under The Sea SAL). :)

  6. Hope you worked something out! I am doing incredibly well with the #24 Hours Calendar. Got something for every day so far.


Thanks for any comments!

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