Tuesday, September 15, 2020

September Crazy Domino Effect - Projects 7-9

This took a little longer than I expected to get this post up. I've done the stitching, but work has been busy and I haven't been able to write a post. Usually I have time at work to write a quick post because I almost never have time when I'm home now, or really, I'd rather get as much stitching done as possible, so I don't make time. 

Anyway, here we are for the next 3 projects! 2 of these have been WIPs for a long time, one possibly my oldest at this point. This first one is Sleigh Ride, which hasn't seen much work in the last couple years. It was last here:

and I think this was all I had done after starting it in 2016 or 2017. It's a kit from Dimensions. 700 stitches made it get a fair bit farther along since I'm in the half stitch section, so that was 1400 half stitches.


This one is still a long way from complete. I switched out the fabric, since the aida was so stiff and this is 25ct pewter Lugana stitching over 2. 

Next I pulled out another old one, possibly my oldest, In Harmony, also by Dimensions. There might be a theme on the abandoned projects... 

Here's where it was:

and now, after 800 stitches, which was really about 1600 half stitches

This one still needs a fair bit of work as well, and will eventually look like this:

My last project in this set of 3 was Full Moon by Cute Patterns by Maria. I started this a couple years ago I think and it's on Pattern Keeper as well, so when it started here, I was already about 1000 stitches into it, out of almost 5000. 

and 900 stitches got it a little farther along to here:

Full Moon by Cute Patterns by Maria
stitched 2 over 2 on 28ct Lazurite by Chromatic Alchemy

 You can start to see the fox that will be sitting beside her and more of the moon, so I'm pretty happy with the progress on this one. This is close to 50% complete now, so could still be a finish this year if I get back to it. Pattern Keeper is amazing at helping you progress on these older WIPs!

I've also finished projects 10 and 11 and am working on 12, so hopefully the next post won't take me so long. I'm completing it as DD is chatting with her grandparents over the internet since she listens better to them when I'm not in the same room. 

I hope everyone is staying well and Happy Stitching!





  1. Three great projects that you have done lots on, good luck with them

  2. Nice progress! This challenge has given you a good reason to pull out some real oldies!

  3. Loads of stitch's, I am so loving the Wolves.


  4. Ciao 🤗
    per inaugurare il mio blog " Le rose di cristallo "
    ho deciso di organizzare un SAL DI BENVENUTO 🌸
    Se vuoi dare un occhiata ne sarei felice 🥳
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  5. Great progress! You did really well on the wolves. UFOs would be a good connection too.

  6. The wolf piece will be STUNNING! I have a couple of wolf projects too somewhere...maybe one day... I think I have to check out pattern keeper. I don't really know what it is or how it works but everyone seems to love it...

  7. Great progress! I love Harmony and hpe it'll come out more frequently now.

  8. Oh yes, those wolves are going to be beautiful! I love the way the witch looks so far.

  9. Brilliant progress, and even more so if it's on older WIPs. Full Moon was the project that 'made' me look at CutePatternsByMaria and find Hogwarts In A Bottle, so thanks for that! :)


Thanks for any comments!

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