Saturday, September 5, 2020

September Crazy Domino Event - Projects 4-6

If you remember my last post, then you can read a bit about the event there.

Last time I had worked on Evening in the Shire last. The next project is linked because of The Lord of the Rings, and I pulled out Visit Mordor by Country Magic Stitch. It was last here:

and I was up to 400 stitches, so this is where it is now:
stitched 2 over 2 as charted 
on 28ct Britney Lugana named Feronia by Chromatic Alchemy

This darker lilac is the far left of the project, so it's kind of nice to be at an edge on this one. There is a lot of stitching to go. I wish these were on Pattern Keeper, but I haven't been able to upload them yet. 

My next project was linked because of the giant gate in Mordor to Witch's Gate by Whispered by the Wind. It was last here:
but this is when I was a teensy bit obsessed with finishing Siberian Forest, and I actually used the wrong colour on this part, so I had to frog and restart:
500 stitches makes a sizeable dent though, so it now looks like this:
Stitched as charted (so far) on 28ct Mirage by PTP

The last chart of this set, number 6, is linked to Witch's Gate by the designer, WBTW. Yes, it's our old favourite, In the Groaning Gloaming and if you want to see the story behind that, check out this post and this one too. Basically, Rachel and I changed up colours to ones we preferred, but it took a lot of frogging and restitching to get there. 

What I thought I had done after we found what we liked, was to only leave the colours in the bag that I wanted to use. Turns out, I left an alternate medium beige, and when I started In the Gloaming it was here:
 and then you can maybe tell the lower blocks are a little lighter than the top 2 rows? Yes, I used the wrong colour for 134 stitches, so had to frog again.
But the goal for this one is 600 stitches, so I'll get there in the end. It's just funny that I'm still having thread colour issues with this project. 

Here we are after 600 stitches total, meaning another 470 added after frogging out the others:

That's a decent amount of stitches in, and this and Witch's Gate will come out again in October, so they'll get a little more work done as well. I don't know that they'll be finishes next month, but you never know!

The next few are some "forgotten" WIPs, not forgotten really, just not worked on in a while. They need lots of stitches though, so might be a few days till I get them completed. But it is a holiday weekend and I have 2 days off! Whee! I will enjoy the longer weekend for sure.

Stay well and happy stitching!



  1. Tiff: You have a lot of stitch's done wow 400 500 and 600 is a boat load of stitch's.
    I am liking the Witch's Gate.
    Have a great week.


  2. That's an amazing amount of stitching, sorry you had a frog visit

  3. This is such a fun Challenge! Three gorgeous projects. I really want to see all of them grow. Despite the attacks of the frogs.

  4. Well done on your progress! Mordor looks great and I look forward to seeing more of Witch's Gate:D Enjoy your weekend <3

  5. Lots of progress! It's so interesting to see how different 400 or 500 stitches can look on different projects.

  6. Love the connections. Fantastic progress!

  7. Oh, how funny (not funny) that In The Gloaming is still giving you colour issues! I'll be especially careful when (if) mine comes out for Dark October.
    You still made great progress on all your projects though, and haven't yet had to shoehorn a connection. And adding 'just' another 100 stitches to each project as you go makes a huge amount of difference. Loving it! :)


Thanks for any comments!

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