Monday, April 13, 2020

Spring Into Summer New Start Binge, Start #2 - Punkin Heart

Here we are again, another weekend and another new start! Given the tribulations of the previous weekend, I decided to go with my smallest new start and do some more work on In the Groaning Gloaming some more. Rachel and I haven't gotten sick of it despite all the stitching, frogging and restitching.

Please check out Rachel's blog for her new start too. A few others are joining in as well, though I have to do some checking if anyone has made a separate blog post. Feel free to join in however you're able!

Here's this weekends start and finish:

Punkin Heart kit by Flowers 2 Flowers
stitched 12 strands over 1 except the backstitch with kit threads

This was a very quick start and finish, maybe 30 minutes all told. And that involved finding my needle grabbers to pull the stuck needle out a couple times. They recommended 12 strands for better coverage, but clearly, you should stitch with only 6 strands on the needle and double stitch everything. 

And I frogged back on In the Gloaming to here:
and tried a slightly different combo than we'd had previously, DMC 167, 738, 3823 and 3866. I like it!

In the Gloaming by Whispered by the Wind
stitching 2 over 2 on Mirage by PTP

I hope you all had a safe and happy weekend!

Happy Stitching, 



  1. 12 strands?! Now that's something you don't read very often! What a great little kit, even more so as it's been finished too. Has DD claimed it perchance?
    In The Gloaming actually looks like it should now! All that effort has been well worth it. :)

  2. Cute start and finish! But 12 strands--those holes must be huge! In the Gloaming is looking good now that you're set on which colors to use.

  3. Great finish, that's heavy coverage I'm not surprised you needed to pull hard! Sorry about the frog but I do like the new colours you have used.

  4. Gloaming looks so much bteter with the new colours, great choice.

  5. Great new start....finish. Glad you are finally happy with the color choices in your other piece. What a pain.

  6. The gloaming looks fabulous! The colour choices are finally right.
    Too late now, but if you make another one of those kits, try threading the needle with six strands but use the secured needle method I use so you are stitching with 12 strands. You don't have the bulky "tails" which made it harder for you. You actually had 24 threads going through each hole!

  7. That's a cute start and finish! And how handy that it doesn't add to your WIP pile as well ^_^

  8. Fun finish, I like the little wooden ones!
    Gloaming is coming along great.


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