Saturday, April 4, 2020

People's Choice SAL - April 2020 - Modern Samplers

As many of us have seen, samplers and reproduction samplers have made somewhat of a resurgence in the last couple years. There are some designers that put a modern twist on theirs, so this month we're to show off a modern sampler and you can include anything you think that fits this description.

As always, please check out our gracious host's blog for more details and more really interesting samplers.

I will admit to not being that interested in reproduction style samplers, but I do like some of the modern designs and have stitched one or two ten or so I've come across.

 Welcome by Pine Glen Designs
stitched with DMC, not sure the colours

 One Drink Woman by Kincavel Krosses
stitched with DMC and I've stitched this twice, one with rose wine 

Mario Sampler by Daffycat?
I loved stitching this one!

 Don't Make Me Kill You by Kincavel Krosses
with DMC variegated threads

Pog mo thoin (look it up! ;) ) by Kincavel Krosses
with DMC variegated threads

 Dead by Dawn by Pyro Dog Pins (Etsy)
based on the Evil Dead movie

Specialty Stitch SAL by Durene Jones hosted by Lakeside Needlecraft
stitched with Chromatic Alchemy rainbow thread, no longer available

Hell is Other People by Subversive Cross Stitch

Turns out I like these a lot! There were a few others that I wasn't sure fit, but this is a pretty good list of what I'd call modern samplers. I hope you enjoyed it and check out everyone else's posts as well. 

Also, this weekend is the first weekend of the Spring Into Summer New Start Binge, so feel free to join in with starts or WIPs! I started In the Gloaming by Whispered by the Wind last night:
stitched 2 over 2 on Mirage by PTP with DMC 310 so far

I hope you're all staying well and healthy!



  1. WOW ... I think you'll get the gold star this month for the most stitched pieces for this months prompt, well done!

  2. Fantastic pieces. I love so many of the ones you stitched. Pog mo thoin is just hilarious. Great post!

  3. Your post was a great interpretation of modern samplers. I love the red border on Don't Make Me Kill You and of course Pog Mo Thoin is hilarious! I take it DD doesn't know the translation yet? :)

  4. A great collection, certainly different to the traditional style sampler

  5. THanks for taking part in The People's Choice this month. You have a fantastic collection of very modern samplers! I do like a bit of sarcasm in my stitching.

  6. ps I got my new start on Friday. I will blog about it this week.

  7. Wonderful pieces, I love the One Drink Woman.
    Stay Healthy


  8. Lots of fun pieces.. I think I like the Mario one best...

  9. That's a wonderful collection of modern, sampler style stitching! Love the one drink woman one.

  10. So many I've never seen before, they're great! I really love One Drink Woman!


Thanks for any comments!

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