Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Mischievous March Start #4

 It's the last weekend! I hope you all had fun with your new starts. I liked starting some different things and one bigger project I'd like to get a lot of work into next year. This week I kept it simple with another smaller start. This one is even easier since it's monochromatic as well. 

This is my start:

and I know it's difficult to tell much besides a lot of blackwork, but if I manage to finish it by this weekend, you'll see what it was in the next post. That's a pretty broad hint, so I think you know what it might turn into eventually. 

I'm using a Dinky Dyes silk from an Oops pack from years ago, when they were still in Australia, so can't tell you what colour this is. The fabric is a scrap of 18ct aida from Chromatic Alchemy. I believe it's the Nimbus colourway. 

We'll do this again come July for the Olympic starts, so please join in if you're interested in more starts or even working on 17 WIPs in a row. I'll be aiming to post every day and am even debating about doing Maynia, despite the dramatic increase to my WIPs. The only reason I'm considering it is they're going to discontinue the Facebook group after May 2021, so it could be a sort of end of an era type challenge for me. 

I've been looking through my stash and have a lot of smalls I could start and not add to much to the WIP pile hopefully. It would mean taking a month break from Animal Kingdom, but maybe I'd be up for that by then? I'm still enjoying it and am almost done another page. A change is as good as a rest though sometimes, so we'll see. I'm still debating it because the first time I thought about it I started to panic about that many WIPs, but it's a more enjoyable thought now. I still have another month to decide, so watch this space! 

Stay well and Happy Stitching!



  1. Hello Tiff: This looks interesting, what a tease to not tell us what it is, I will be looking forward to seeing what you are stitching.
    I like smalls, I have a few I need to get going on.
    Have a lovely day


    1. Thank you! If I had a cover photo, I'd show it, but I don't and won't show the chart, even if it's a freebie. I wish I had the URL to share though. Stay well!

    2. I understand about the pattern, I get a little leary of some freebie designs on Pinterest, that is why I do not stitch any of them, they may be copy righted.
      Have a wonderful day of stitchingh


    3. This was from a blog, but I printed it out so long ago and there's no URL. You're right, definitely avoid Pinterest. :)

  2. Looking forward to seeing what it is. I won't be an Olympian this year but I will be celebrating Christmas a bit early.

  3. Nice start to the blackwork! I'll be doing Maynia this year and the following years but I'm going to call it my Just Nan-athon because it will be all my Just Nan Smalls.

  4. What a pretty, looking forward to seeing it finished (but I suspect you and I might have had the same idea!). I'm looking forward to the next SALs, I have preliminary (not too crazy) plans for them.


Thanks for any comments!

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