DUCJFC 2016 - January 10 - Xmas tree tea towel WIP

I apologize I'm behind on thanking everyone for their comments and commenting on their blogs. I'll try and get caught up the next few days. I was on DD duty Friday and Saturday and had a busy work day today, but I am thinking of all of you!

And I'm happy to show you a finish! 

The Xmas tree tea towel from Cross Stitch for the Holidays 2011 was well on its way to a finish where I left in in December:

I only needed to add a little more backstitch to finish it off. I decided to keep this as one of my Challenge pieces since I need a few finishes here and there to keep me from worrying about how many WIPs I'm piling up. 

Here's where it is now:

I'm very happy with it and I hope the recipient will be this Xmas. That's if I don't decide to keep it. It's cute and I might. :)

I also kept working on Good Friend and managed to almost get another finish:

I'm pretty sure this will come out again tomorrow to be finished off before I start on the next one. It's so close it's like an itch that I need to scratch until I get it completed.

Happy Stitching,



  1. Congratulations on your finish and fingers crossed for another one - they're two cute projects (I'd keep the tree if I were you!) :)

  2. Congrats on the cute finish Tiffany. Love the bra one.


  3. I love your tree! Great idea to include it in the challenge. I'm amazed you're keeping up with your own blog never mind anyone else's!

  4. Congrats on the cute tree!! :) I know I have been tempted many times with my stitching pieces but then I felt more happy in gifting.

  5. What a darling tree :) And I like the friend one too!

  6. I love your tree, so sweet!!!

  7. Oh I love the tree. Congrats on the finish!! Oh you are so close on the bra one. Too cute!! Still love your changes on it.

  8. How are you managing this? I would be bonkers by now! Congrats!

  9. What a great finish. The tree is darling and the good friend piece looks fun!

  10. Cute tree - and an occasional finish is a must to keep you going.


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