Top 10 Tuesdays: Top 10 Things to Save in a Fire (non-living)

Let's start the New Year off with our first Top 10 Tuesday of the year. Kate has chosen a difficult or easy topic depending on your point of view. Unfortunately Kate knows all too well what you need in this situation, so her list is likely to be the most prepared. Make sure you check Keebles list as well and see how many Disney souvenirs she'd save.


1. Photos and DD's handprints in clay

2. Passport

3. Checkbook/wallet/purse

4. Mobile phone

5. Glasses/contact lenses

6. Dog carrier/cat carrier for pets or leashes

I think all of this would be fairly quick to grab and the cat carrier is currently in the garage, so no worries there. Worst case we could throw him in a car. Oh, that's another one:

7.  Car keys

Given time to go back and grab things after we're all out safely, if possible, so unlikely:

8.  Stitching stash, especially fabric

9. Autographed books by Brandon Sanderson

10. Blankets/clothes

What would you have in your list? And I hope this never happens to any of you. 



  1. Passport! Of course! Why did i not think of this...doh!

    1. My passport/ID is always, always first in my mind because I must always carry it on me, so it may not leap to the front of your mind like it does to me. :)

  2. This is a great list I would also need to take my Latte machine and of course a Pepsi to drink while waiting for the fire to be put out.


  3. Great list, although still scary as sin!

  4. Great list. We have an external hard drive with all our photos on it. They are also backed up on CDs in a fire proof box but still. I would grab the external hard drive. My son always says he would grab his external hard drive for his Xbox because it has his saved games haha.

  5. May be just debit card, driving license and phone.

  6. Scary to think about - hope you never have to do this for real.


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