Top 10 Tuesdays: Top 10 Careers You Would Love/Hate

Today it's Top 10 Tuesday again! Make sure you check out Kate's and Keebs' blogs for their lists too. 


1. LOVE: Cross Stitching if affordable

2. LOVE: Running an LNS

3. HATE: Dentistry - I find teeth kind of icky...

4. LOVE: SAHM for DD - I wish I could do this, but it makes more financial sense for DH to.

5. HATE: Sanitation Engineer

6. HATE: School Bus Driver - The good ones get my undying admiration

7. LOVE: Hockey Player

8. LOVE/HATE: Video Game Tester - I'd only want to play games I like and testers tend to be hated by the game designers since they tell them all the problems with their code

9. LOVE/HATE: Blogger - I know a lot of people can make a living from this, and I enjoy blogging, but I feel like I'd be very stressed if my income was dependent on it. 

10. LOVE: Librarian - this was a childhood dream :) 

I hope you like the list and what's your number one career you'd love to have? 



  1. I always wanted to be a librarian, now i volunteer in our local one.

  2. SAHM is an awesome job! Combined with volunteer work it would be my preferred career. I also did a couple of evenings a music venue working behind the bar which was a great job. And I married the boss so the perks were good too LOL
    Now I work in a bookshop which would be perfect if it wasn't for the area management!

  3. Great list Tiffany. I always wanted to do something in the math field.


    1. Ah ha! Is that how you keep track of all your WIPs? Excellent math skills?

  4. I like reading your lists:) I liked whatever I was doing at any point of time including now. But what I still wish to do are two things - write a book (fiction or craft related, anything) and generate employment for poor people ( social entrepreneur)

  5. Great list! I'm not sure if I'd want to stitch for someone else full-time, even if I was getting paid for it. I debated putting my cross stitch store on the list, but in the end I nixed it. It's more of a lottery-type dream for me anyway.

    Funny we both have a librarian dream though!

  6. Interesting mix. I'm with you on the dentistry!


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