CJC Day 25 - Warbreaker

Warbreaker is one of my favourite books by one of my favourite authors, Brandon Sanderson. He was doing a signing in 2012 that was a few hours away from where I live and we really wanted to go. I had planned on finishing this for then, and had about 2 months to complete it. 

It may not have happened anyway, but because we ended up not being able to get to the signing for bizarre circumstances, I was so disappointed I put this away and never went back to it. 

I left it here:

And I was mostly done the top 3 pages. There are 9 in total. I completed the first page entirely and most of the second and third as well. The next 3 all have a fair amount of confetti, but I think I can bear with it to finish this year. 

This is where I finished tonight. I will admit to spending a lot of my free time sorting the colours instead of stitching. :) 

Happy Stitching,



  1. What a beautiful piece. It really pops on that dark fabric.

  2. Great project. I LOVE Warbreaker as well, I think I read it all in one day as I just couldn't put it down.


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