Tuesday, January 27, 2015

CJC Day 27 - Kincavel Krosses Bibliophile Bookmark

This was going to be a WIP of a dragon coaster that I had started in December after reading about the site on the Cross Stitch Review. They do a Freebie Fridays and the design was from one of the freebie designers. However, I've managed to lose it entirely somewhere. I have no idea where it disappeared to. Fortunately I have tons of WIPs to choose from. :)

I became familiar with Kell's designs on the Cross Stitch Forum where she offered several for free when she started her Kincavel Krosses site. I've stitched the Bibliophile bookmark before for a charity event and now I'm stitching it for a friend. 

My friend loves dark red colours, so I'm using variegated DMC 115 for this one. I originally started the Bibliophile Bookmark in 2012 I think and this is where I left off in 2014:

And where I'm at today:

I should be able to finish by my friend's birthday in April I hope. Without too much help from my "helper" anyway... :)

Happy Stitching,



  1. Beautiful Stitching. Good luck with the finish!

  2. Good luck with it! Looks beautiful so far.

    1. Thanks! Although I'm not having as much fun with the black work as you are. :)


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