Turtle Trot and YOTA - January

My Turtle Trot and YOTA stitch-a-longs combine today so I'll combine the post since they both contain some similar projects.

Claudette of BAP Attack started this SAL in 2013 and I signed up the first year since it sounded like a perfect fit with my huge pile of works-in-progress (WIPs). I didn't do so well that first year, and I knew I wouldn't be stitching much last year, but I plan on progressing on all of these pieces this year and hopefully finishing a few.

As Claudette mentions on her blog, Turtle Trot is mostly for progressing on BAPs, but for me I think if I can keep up with the monthly posts then it will help me keep these 10 pieces ahead of any more new starts.

I listed the 10 projects I'd like to focus on in a separate tab, so you can check the full list here. I'll post the update photos for the ones I actually worked on this month here. I also plan on working these into my Crazy January Challenge, so I linked to the posts that give more detail on each project that has been part of CJC.

1. WW Tribal Basset - new start
6. Otto
8. Fry and Leela

10. Letters from Nora - K

The Year of the Acronym stitch-a-long is hosted over at Pull the Other Thread. It's a neat idea to try and work on our acronym projects, unfinished objects (UFOs), works-in-progress (WIPs), and big-a** projects (BAPs). I need some help with these as I have some going back over 10 years. I have yet to stitch on these for my CJC, so they're not updated, but I'd like to focus on the following this year. 

Doing the monthly post will at least help keep me on track... I hope. 

1. White Wolves - UFO from 2003? for my brother's 50th with luck

2. Otto - new BAP start - for my dearly departed basset that left us last year

3. Homeward Bound - UFO from 2012 - a very overdue birthday gift for my Grandma

4. Skitzzzzz fractal - UFO from 2009? I started this one before I understood what parking and confetti really meant. I haven't touched this one in years, and I've tried a few HAED since then, so I'm excited to get it out, I just need to find it. 

Happy Stitching!



  1. You have beautiful projects on the go. I absolutely love you choices for YOTA. Best of luck with stitching these.

  2. Wonderful projects Tiffany. I look forward to watching your progress on them.


  3. Thank you both and I hope not to disappoint. :)

  4. Those projects look like lots of fun. Years ago I stitched White Wolves for my brother as well!! I hated stitching on that black fabric, but it turned out very nice:)

    1. That's so weird! And I think the black fabric may be why it's been a UFO for so long. I'm glad to know it's worth it eventually.

  5. Great projects. I look forward to watching them grow.

  6. Great WIP's! Look forward to seeing more of them!!

  7. Beautiful projects! I also have the white wolves one about a third done. It doesn't look like I'll be getting back to it this year but I look forward to seeing your grow.

    1. Thanks! It's one that I really, really want to finish this year.

  8. What a lot of variety - the Good Life is one of my oldest WIPs, I'll live through you as it gets more done!

    1. :) I'm determined to finish it this year, so hopefully it will happen.

  9. You have a lot of great projects--I'll be interested to follow your progress. One of DH's favorite shows is Futurama, and we've had four bassets over the years. So sorry you lost your sweet furbaby!

    1. Thank you. Bassets have so much personality, they leave big holes behind.


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