Saturday, May 1, 2021

Stitch Maynia 2021, Start #1

This year will be the last for Stitch Maynia and the Facebook group will be closing after the end of May. Many people decided to do a full 31 new starts for this momentous occasion in the stitching world, and I'm going to try and do my best. I won't get a chance to post in the evenings since that's my usual stitching time, so instead I will work ahead and post the next day about what I started the previous evening. 

I decided to start sensibly with some smalls that I hope I can finish the same day and will be made into cards most likely. I couldn't find all the info on this one, but it's from one of the magazines and I printed out just the page from my zinio reader and couldn't find the designer info on this page. 

My first start and finish:

flower pattern unknown designer
stitched 2 over 1 and 1 over 1 with Carrie's Creation Bliss
on 22 ct white hardanger

I found this scrap of fabric and I think I can fit all 4 of the flower patterns on here. I will try and find out which magazine this came from and who the designer is as well when I can. This was a fun little design, about 300 stitches total if you could the backstitch as half. I did work with the variegated thread a little fussily to get an alternating pattern on the large flower, the butterfly similar, and alternating centers on the little flowers. 

That's all for today, hopefully I can have another finish tonight and post about it tomorrow. 

Stay well and happy stitching!



Thanks for any comments!

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