Saturday, May 29, 2021

Stitch Maynia 2021 Start #29

Hello and greetings for the antepenultimate post of Stitch Maynia! This is one of those random words I learned in high school that has stuck in my conscious memory. It means 3rd from last, penultimate 2nd last and ultimate being last. 

I've stuck with a Christmas theme for the next two starts. I had some idea I might stitch a bunch of these since they're small, but my plans are always fluid. I think I had 36 or 37 patterns I could have stitched for Maynia and kept it to one start a day, but had some choice on what I chose each day so it wasn't locked into anything specific. I think I do better when I have some choice vs. following a strict rule. 

This is a mock-up of how one will look from a magazine photo:

And I only managed a few stitches into this one last night:
Christmas Birdhouse by Durene Jones
stitched 2 over 2 on 28ct white Monaco
with DMC as charted

These have a lot of colour changes and some backstitch, so they're not exactly quick or easy, but they'll make nice little cards for Christmas once I manage to get them complete. I was debating about changing the birds to chickadees since they're more common here in North America than the robins, but we could pretend they're finches. The house finch has somewhat similar colouring, although maybe smaller and no white. Possibly less red in winter too, like how the goldfinch is very drab in winter compared to its summer brilliance. Anyways, I'm not motivated enough to change the colours, so it will be stitched as charted. 

We're almost there! 2 more days after this and the month will be complete. Thank you for staying with me and all of your comments. They definitely brighten my day. 

Happy Stitching!



  1. Another cute start! I learned what penultimate meant when I was helping in my granddaughter's second grade class! Before that I thought it was like ultra ultimate.

    1. Thank you! And I think we can thank Latin for these strange word origins. :)

  2. Penultimate is one of my favourite words! Also antediluvian which means before the flood or very very old!
    Anyway, robins are the perfect Christmas bird. We also have a saying "robins appear when loved ones are near" because people often see them when they are thinking of someone who has passed away.

    1. Excellent! We see robins in the spring over here and they're a sign that winter is finally over, so it's a different feeling, but they're still fun birds to see.

  3. This is cute and tiny compared to some of the last ones!

    1. Thank you! And yes, keep myself out of trouble with smaller ones maybe?


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