WIPocalypse SAL- February

 A day late for WIPocalypse again! And I didn't get a lot of stitching done over the last month, but Tribal Dragon has progressed slightly:

Because I'm out one row of stitching on the first blue section on the far left I've had to fudge everything to accommodate for it. It's been working so far, but still no big progress since I also started the AAN Mystery SAL this past month.
I'm close to halfway done the first part and hope to finish it this weekend. I'm going to add some Kreinik for the eyes, I think I have the perfect metallicy orange that it calls for.

As for the question about rotations, etc., well I used to stitch on one at a time and ended up with a ton of WIPs. At this point I have over 20 I believe. I'd much prefer to finish a few of them, but I also have this odd tendency that the more urgently I need to finish a piece, the less I feel like stitching on it.

When I had to finish Angelic Melody for my MIL and it was months behind I kept starting new pieces. Finally I read about stitching on 2 things you want and then doing one stitching session on something you're dreading and that helped me finish it up completely.
At this point I'd like to stitch on Tribal Dragon until I'm finished, and then I'll get my act together and finish up Homeward Trail since that was due last year. But first I'll finish the AAN SAL part 1. I have trouble keeping up with SALs, but I'm hoping this year I can manage. It's not 12 parts, only 7 so fingers crossed!



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