Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A Challenging Project and a Decision to Make

Although I haven't been posting lately, I've been stitching and trying to keep up with everyone's A-Z challenge posts. 

I decided I would attempt the recent HAED challenge from their Facebook page. You have to finish one page by stitching cross-country instead of parking as many, including myself, do with HAEDs. I debated back and forth a bit on this one because the 2 HAEDs I worked on for the DUCJFC did not have enough stitches per page to meet the requirements. 

Dragon Under Glass isn't big enough, and 
Bailey Basset had too much unstitched space. It's too bad about this one since it's tent stitch and would be going fairly quickly. 

In the end I pulled out Mini Winter Magic

I really like this one, but I had put it away to work on the first Mabel Figworthy's Fancies SAL. The last time this one saw the light of day was early in 2013 before my stitching time went down to almost nothing from mid 2013 until 2015. 

I started work on the upper left corner since there was a lot of the same colour:

And now with the HAED challenge to finish a new page with cross country stitching I'm working on almost the last page on the right side:

I also re-gridded with a Frixion pen. I know they're not recommended, but this is a project for me, so I decided to give it a shot. The lines are definitely easier to see, so it's been helping so far. I'm a little farther than this now, but I forgot to take a photo last night. 

What made me decide to attempt this challenge is I have yet to finish a page on any HAED. Of the 6? 7? or so I've started, not a single one has a page complete. I would like to accomplish that this year if possible. Having a goal in mind seemed a good way to make sure it can happen. 

Also, I'm going away tomorrow through Friday to see my Grandma. DD and DH will be staying home for this trip, although I hope to return with them in a month or so. So do I take this one, although that involves carting a lot of thread, etc? Or do I take something more simple like Princess and Dragon or a smaller project altogether? With luck I'll be visiting Thread & Eye in London, Ontario, and maybe I'll find something new to work on. 

Depending how Grandma is, I was thinking I'd hang out with her in her hospital room a fair bit, so I'll bring something with me in case she'll be sleeping some of the time. I also have my LK HoHoHo travel piece that stays in my car, so I'll have some choice. 

I hope you've all had a good week and Happy Stitching!



  1. Love the project you pulled out to work on Tiffany. You should take whatever is the easiest to work on.


  2. I agree - which one is the easiest to travel with? Hope you get some quality time with your grandmother.

  3. Lovely stitching projects. Hope you find time to spend with grandma and stitching both. I usually catch on my reading when I am out of home.

  4. Hope you have a safe trip and enjoy spending time with your Grandma. I don't tend to stitch much away from home. I need a good lamp too much!

  5. I would suggest you take a project that would be easy to carry.
    Have a nice time with your grandma.

  6. Brave girl to tackle a HAED :) You are doing awesome though! Look at that start!

  7. Have a safe trip, I'd take something easy to work on. Great start with the HAED.

  8. uh, gli HAED sono lunghi e difficili, sei bravissima! Auguri per la mamma

  9. Mini Winter Magic is on my to do list although I'll be using hand-dyed fabric and not stitching the background (when I get round to starting it) - anything for an easier life! Good luck with yours. An HAED page finish is a big achievement for anyone! :)

  10. Nice new start for the challenge. These HAEDs are a challenge by themselves, but I think these challenges are very motivating. I am just preparing my first HAED after having finally found the right fabric for it.

  11. Hope your Grandma is doing well and enjoy your visit!

    I absolutely SWEAR by the Frixion pens and have never had an issue with them.

  12. Have a lovely time visiting your grandmother and I love using Frixion pens, so I will be interested to see how they go on your gridding. Good luck going cross country on your HAED projects.


Thanks for any comments!

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