WIP Wednesday and A Little Taste of Something Different

Hello everyone! I hope you've been having a good week so far. I have been stitching (yay!) and I've also been knitting. There's a local yarn shop I just discovered that has so many pretty things. It's called Must Love Yarn, and you can click on the name for the website. I have a friend that owns it, although I didn't realize until very recently. It's inspired me to knit again and I've joined their current KAL, for the Hitchhiker shawl. You can find the pattern on Ravelry if you're interested. 

I chose some beautiful Australian wool called Painted Desert:

Max modeling ;)

It's an easy pattern to remember, an 8 row block makes a "tooth". And it knits up easily. I'm going to try and one or two teeth a day. 

And back to our regularly scheduled stitching!

The only difference from my last post is Ballerina Dreams has moved along a little bit:

This area has a fair amount of confetti since it's a tree, but once I finish it there are large blocks of colour, so I think I'm still good for June. We'll see. I'm giving myself till March to finish the first page (of 2), and see how it goes from there. 

Happy Stitching!



  1. The colour you've chosen for your wool is gorgeous. This is going to be a beautiful shawl. Have fun with the confetti stitching ;)

  2. Your shawl is pretty and the yarn looks yummy and beautiful :) Good to know that you have joined a KAL and enjoying knitting. Great progress on ballerina!

  3. che bei colori, hai fatto bene a prenderlo

  4. Love the color of your shawl Tiffany. Nice progress on Dreams.


  5. Knitting is sure something I don't understand. Glad you are enjoying it. The color looks beautiful! Ballerina looks great. Hope you can get it done in time.

  6. I love the colors on your hitchhiker shawl and the stitching is looking good also.

  7. I knitted the Hitchhiker a few years ago, and love your choice of yarn for it! Nice progress on the ballerinas too.

  8. I love the color of that yarn.
    Ballerinas Is coming along, nice progress.


  9. That wool is gorgeous. Nice progress on the tree too.

  10. That yarn colorway is just stunning! Congrats on all of your progress.

    1. Thank you, it keeps getting better and better too!

  11. A lovely shawl you are knitting up, pretty colours in your wool choice.

  12. What beautiful colors in the wool you have picked! I am sure your shawl will be gorgeous. Great progress on Ballerina Dreams. You can do it!!!

  13. Lovely colours! I must have dragon on the brain because it looks like a dragon's tale to me!


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