Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Top 10 Tuesdays: Top 10 Movies to Watch at Christmas Time

Top 10 Tuesday time! Make sure you check out Keeb's and Kate's blogs for their posts and ideas on this week's topic:


1. Scrooged

This is one of my favourite movies of all time. If you haven't seen this one, you really, really, really need to. It's a great retelling of A Christmas Carol. 

2. Gremlins

I bet you forgot this one is a Christmas movie too? It's a fun little parody horror movie and very classic cheesy B movie effects. It's a lot of fun to watch as a teenager or adult. The basic premise is a failed inventor buys a strange animal from a Chinese boy even though the boy's grandfather said the animal was not for sale. The animal has very specific rules for its upbringing, never get it wet, never feed it after midnight and no bright light. Of course during the course of the movie accidents happen and the Gremlins result. 

3. The Nightmare Before Christmas

This movie isn't nearly as scary as Gremlins, and the stop motion animation holds up very well. These are classic characters and I love watching this one any time of year. Jack, the Pumpkin King is bored of Halloween and tries giving gifts out for Halloween. It might have worked if he didn't have his fellow Halloween town residents make the toys. 

4. The Muppet Christmas Carol

Another great re-telling of the classic Dickens story. Michael Caine is fantastic as the crochety Mr. Scrooge and the narrators Gonzo and Rizzo are hilarious as usual. 

5. How the Grinch Stole Christmas (original)

I have the audio recording of this and will listen to it every Christmas a few times. I can't get enough of Boris Karloff's narration. 

6. Die Hard

This start of the whole series that still hasn't ended as far as I know. I realize that Bruce Willis is supposed to be the big star, but has there ever been a better villain than Alan Rickman? I'll watch this one any time of the year. 

7. Trading Places

I often forget this one takes place at Christmas as well, but it definitely has a great Christmas vibe to it by the end. I hope you've seen this movie, and if you haven't, it's worth watching. It also tells a lot about how crooked the stock market used to be, if it isn't still. 

8. It's a Wonderful Life

Oddly, I never saw this movie in its entirety until I was in my late 20s and now I know why this is on everyone's list. It's not an overly sweet, saccharine movie at all, it has a great plot and gives you a wonderful feeling when you watch it all the way through. 

9. A Christmas Story

I watched this every Christmas when I was a child, I loved watching this movie! I don't watch it much now since I know it so well, but I look forward to introducing it to DD in a few years. 

10. Miracle on 34th Street

As a young child, this movie was so amazing. Santa was really real and he granted real-life wishes. I don't watch it much anymore, but I look forward to capturing the magic again with DD in a few years. 

From my list I'm sure you can tell I don't really go for the "traditional" Christmas movies and in fact we don't really make a point of watching anything in particular near Christmas right now. That might change as DD gets older, but we'll watch any of the movies from 1-7 any time of year. The last 3 we both know so well that it's not as interesting as it was when we were younger. And I don't know if DH likes Miracle as much as I did when I was a child, but the little girl in it really made it special for me. I'd imagine myself in her place, and that was fun. 

What are your favourite Xmas movies?



  1. I have to admit a lot of the newer ones I've never seen. Wonderful Life and 34th Street are old favourites and the other must for me is Scrooge, the 1952 version with Alistair Sim. As far as I'm concerned he is THE Scrooge.

  2. We watch National Lampoon Christmas Vacation every year on Christmas Eve with my Dad. I love several of the movies you have listed. Great picks!

  3. I LOVE THEM ALL!!! hehehehhe Great post :)

  4. Some great choices (and a lot of them I don't think of Christmas movies, so I like them too)!


Thanks for any comments!

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