Monday, August 15, 2016

Gifted Gorgeousness and Olympic Update

It's the 15th of the month again and time to share our Gifted Gorgeousness from last month. I don't know about the rest of you, but I always have to check my photo album to see what I was stitching since I tend to change so often. 

Check out everyone's stitching at our fabulous host Jo's blog, Serendipitous Stitching and here's my monthly GG:

AAN Spider Banner:

This is stitched on gifted 32 ct opalescent fabric and I managed to complete the entire first page plus a little more. I hope this one can come out again, but with Xmas peeking over the horizon, it likely won't be for long, if at all. 

KLT Charting Owl SAL:

A finish! This was a gift from a stitching friend and I really enjoyed it. There's a frog SAL currently and I think I need to purchase it soon before sign-ups are closed. 

Rainbow Butterfly:

I managed to fix my error and start on the yellow. This will be gifted to the group that is putting together quilts for victims of the Orlando massacre.

Jodyri Butterfly Quote:

This will go in DD's room when complete I think. Or maybe be a quilted hanging? It's a really relaxing stitch and I'm loving the threads. They're Jodyri Pink Laydee and Sparkling Citrine and I'm stitching on 14 count blue fabric, not so much turquoise like the photo. 

RAK received from the lovely Kim McCool, posted here. I'll link to it since this is photo-heavy already. :)

Letters From Nora - S:

Stitching DD's initials on Nuriel's Forest 28 ct from Chromatic Alchemy 2 over 2 and with charted threads. This is also part of my Olympic distance stitching from Measi's blog to see how far I can get. I'll work on this one now until August 22nd. 

Other Olympic Stitching - Ink Circles Reflections of Canada:

This isn't part of GG, but I'm excited that I was able to get every motif except the central flower stitched at least once. I'm using Jodyri Ruby Slippers on ivory 25 count Jobelan 2 over 1. It's been fun to see each motif come alive and it's interesting to stitch one of these. I didn't get as much done as I hoped when we had a severe heat wave and I wasn't up to stitching, and didn't want to get oils on my fabric. 

I don't know about the rest of you, but sometimes I have trouble deciding if I'm going to stitch an entire motif or stitch an entire row. You can see I was doing the row stitching with the bottom right totem pole.

How do you stitch mandalas? 

and Happy Stitching,



  1. Great GG post. And you also made some nice progress on your Olympic Stitching project.

  2. All your projects are beautiful!! I have never stitched mandalas but for any other projects that involve various independent parts, I keep on stitching a row/column until I reach the part I like and start working on that. Sequential or page by page stitching doesn't work at all with me :(

  3. Love all of your projects Tiffany. You made good progress on them.


  4. Great post. Love all your projects. I notice I tend to do designs by the motif rather than by line. But each X is one X closer to done so it doesn't matter how it gets on the fabric.

  5. Great stitching update! I have never worked on mandalas but I would personally stitch by designs rather than row... however, all crosses lead to a finish, so I wouldn't worry and work on it the way it is best for you :)

  6. You've done so much, those owls are so cute, how will you finish it? The writing on JB Quote looks funny too. xxx

    1. The owls are stitched on afghan fabric, so they're sort of finished already. I'll likely put some interface on the back or fabric to make sure the threads stay in place. Thanks!

  7. I think I do the motif most of the time and not the row. I love your Owls - I am doing the frogs - but I am doing them all as singles. I really to think I need to add that Spider Web to my collection I just love it

  8. That's a lot of great stitching and nice progress.

  9. Great update post! You have some great WIPs on the go :o)
    Love the Jodyri floss colours in the butterfly quote and the red you are using for the Ink Circles design is just gorgeous. I haven't stitched this type of mandala before but with my chatelaines I tend to stitch all the same motif at the same time going around the circle working outwards so to speak!
    Hugs xx

  10. Wow! You've gotten so much done! Everyone has made so much progress in the past month, but you have seriously outdone yourself!

  11. good progress on all your stitching Tiffany, love the owls and the ink circles reflections of Canada, that looks rather tricky and love the colours of the spider banner.

  12. Wow great projects you have going on. I really love the Spider Banner, that looks absolutely wicked!!!
    xo Alicia

  13. Fantastic progress on all your pieces. Love the owl finish, so cute. Have never done a mandala stitch so can't help you there I'm afraid.

  14. Fabulous progress on so many things! I hope you got the owls finished by the deadline.
    I've never stitched a mandala either but I prefer to stitch by motif so I don't trail threads across the back too far. I doubt this would be an issue for your piece though as the motifs are so close together! It's looking great.

  15. Thanks for taking part in GG in August. Somehow I missed commenting on a batch of blogs!
    Love the Ink Circles, I usually stitch one motif at a time, that's what I'm doing on Ghostly Mandala.


Thanks for any comments!

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