Monday, August 8, 2016

Tenuous Shoe Horn Blog Party: My Summer Holiday EDIT with photo

I almost forgot to shoe horn in my Summer Holiday stitching for Jo's blog party

As I was looking through photos I realized I don't tend to stitch many summer or even spring designs. It's all fall and winter. But I did stitch this one back in 2012 when I was going through a rough patch:

It's from a Stoney Creek pattern called At The Fair I think. I submitted it to a local fair and got 2nd. I thought that was good because I was up against this enormous design of a loon. It must have taken years to finish! 

I have fond memories of this one for learning the pinhead stitch and my first experience with Rainbow Gallery blending filament in the flags of the Ferris Wheel. 

And in case you're wondering, no, I don't mind backstitch. :)

Thanks Jo for a fun reason to share this one!

Happy Stitching,


EDIT to add this photo of stopping at the Big Apple in Ontario to add to Bea's photos of giant sculptures in Canada 


  1. That's a very unique design...lovely stitching. A well deserved prize in the fair entry.

  2. Thanks for taking part with such a gorgeous design. I love the detail of that ferris wheel too. Well done on the prize!

  3. That's a very cute design!!

  4. Stunning detail in the piece, great work and a prize too!

  5. Oh that's beautiful! I don't mind back stitch either. I think it helps the designs come to life. Good thing you don't mind with this design.

  6. Wow! Well deserved winning that prize! I can see there is a lot of work in this .... I know backstitch can really finish a picture, but I don't like stitching them much! I'm still putting off the backstitch on my Tatty Teddy, as they weren't showing up very well!

  7. Awesome picture Tiffany. I have all of those magazines and had contemplated stitching that one.


  8. That is a stunning finish, Tiffany, a well-deserved 2nd place win for you.

  9. That is a stunning piece and the prize was well deserved.

  10. I am so awed you finished the ferris Wheel from Stoney Creek. It's beautiful. Congrats on your Ribbon, it is much deserved

  11. Amazing piece, must bring you fun and happiness every time you look at it. xxx

  12. Ahh, look at all that backstitching! I'm another who doesn't mind it at all; it's so neat to watch the pieces pop with it! The fabric you chose is excellent for your piece.


Thanks for any comments!

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