WIP Wednesday: Stitch Maynia 2018 Edition

I've continued to try and find all the old WIPs I need to work on. Most of these are BAPs as they seem to be the easiest to put down and try and finish something much smaller. 

Here are the stitches from Monday and Tuesday:

Dragon Under Glass was here:

I'm giving 2 pictures because I didn't have an update of the whole thing. And now it's here:
I tried to add some stitches in between the squares to make sure I don't get lines. The squares were for an HAED FB challenge. 

Bailey Basset was here:
and is now a little farther along.

I would love to spend some serious time on both of these as well, but again, ones that are closer to a finish should be finished first to get the pile down. 

Thanks for all your amazing comments and Happy Stitching!



  1. Beautiful progress, I am looking forward to seeing the Bailey Basset finish the most.


  2. Wonderful progress this week Tiffany.


  3. Keep up the good progress!

  4. You've made great progress! Beautiful work.

  5. Dragon Under Glass has really grown

  6. Fantastic progress. I remember both of these projects. Glad to see them out again for a bit.

  7. Great progress on both! Do you have pictures of the whole designs somewhere?

  8. Nice progress. Good idea to fill those squares in, they would worry me!


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