Sunday, October 21, 2018

Gifted Gorgeousness - October Edition

Hello, long time no post! Hope everyone is doing well. Life and work has been pretty busy the last couple months, so there has been a lot less posting than usual, and usual wasn't very much the previous months either. :)

I have been knitting and *shock* stitching, and I have one great big finish to show off! I'm so happy this one is now complete.

AAN Spider Banner

I received the 32ct opalescent fabric as a gift several years ago and love how it looks! Most of this was stitched with WDW, one of my favourite threads to use and the bottom purple was Soie Cristale, which is so lovely and smooth as well. She is done! Now I must figure out a way to finish. Something bell-pull style would work I think.

A Kiss for a Snowman got a little more done:

And on to knitting! I did a fair bit of this as well the past couple months. 

New pair of mitts, first time ever made them in-the-round (on circular needles)

Finished those pink rainbow socks:

A cowl for my co-worker

Socks for DH in thicker weight, and I knitted these 2 at a time! It was so much easier to make sure they were identical. Defnitely want to do this all the time now. 

Started another mitten for a charity mitten tree:
And finished my first toy with safety eyes for a friend's 3 year old that is addicted to Octonauts, as is my daughter. 

The meerkat is part of an ongoing joke the local yarn store is running and I forgot to get a photo without it of just the Narwhal. :) 

And that is it I think! I will do my best to at least post GG for the rest of the year, and hope to get more into cross stitch now that the weather is cooling. We even had snow today! 

Happy Stitching!



  1. Congrats on the gorgeous finish Tiffany. Your knitting is beautiful. Great finishes.


    1. Thank you Linda! It was so nice to finish something. :)

  2. che belle cose Tiffany, i calzini sono favolosi

  3. What a beautiful spider! A great finish.

  4. I hate spiders, in general, but your stitched one looks amazing!

  5. So many lovely things in this catch up post.

  6. Hey Tiff nice to hear from you. I've been seeing your Instagram posts so that's better than nothing. Congrats on the big finish. Love the colors you used. Great knitting.

  7. Lovely Stitching! Congrats on the Spider banner finish! You did lot of knitting too.

  8. Thanks for taking part in GG this month, lovely to see you back! The Spider Banner is incredible, love those colours, especially the orangey one.
    Nice knitting too, how clever to knit the socks two at a time!

  9. Oh wow, your Spider Banner is amazing! I think a bell pull would look great, get busy!
    And all of your knitting looks fantastic, I love all the different colours.
    The narwhal is adorable, he would have been the perfect mascot for the other Lego League team at Nathan's school, The Narwhals!

    1. Gee thanks *crack!* goes the whip. :) Thank you! And the Narwhal was a free pattern over the summer and I think it's $3 on ravelry now.

  10. Looks like you're keeping busy! Super finish on Spider Banner and just in time too:)

  11. Oh, wow! First the gorgeous stitching finish, and then you have so much lovely knitting going on! I can't decide what I love most. I'm interested in the 'knitting two at a time' for socks and think I'll need to try it some day. It would also help with that feeling of *finally* finishing a sock only to realize you have to do it all again!
    And I adore the yarn on that cowl. It looks so nice and crisp and the colours are great!

  12. Lovely work on everything and congrats on finishing that AAN banner! A bellpull would look great! I really like the colorway of the yarn used for the cowl (too); how lovely.


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