Monday, October 21, 2013

October 2013 IHSW - The Conclusion

Of course I didn't have a ton of time to stitch with working all weekend, but I did get some. First off, I started something new because I'm crazy... although at least it is a smallish, monochrome design. It's the new AAN ornament from Just Cross Stitch. Here's the photo from the magazine:

And here's my start. I'm using an unknown blue/green hand dyed fabric from a dear friend in Australia and some Dinky Dyes red silk from an Oops pack. I don't know what colour it's supposed to be, but I like the effect so far. I'm stitching the inside of the ornament first in case I run out of the skein. 

And I also worked a little bit on my Homeward Trail that I'd like to finish by about November 7th to get it framed and mailed in time for November 14, but we'll see if that happens. 

It has a ton of confetti in that circular part, and then the rest has a lot of satin B5200 DMC, which is kind of slippery to work with. I'll keep at it though, it's already well past where it was months ago. :)

Hope everyone had fun hermitting!



  1. My mag just arrived today.
    Love the colors.

  2. A very pretty AAN ornament and Homeward Bound is looking good.


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