Saturday, October 24, 2015

Stitchy Saturdays

Thank you again for all your comments! If you're a no-reply blogger I'll reply to your comment on my blog, otherwise I'll send an email and I hope I haven't missed anyone. It really does make my day better when you send comments. :)

I played hockey yesterday and had a lot of fun! We had enough subs so that we didn't get too tired out while we were playing and we even kind of had lines. That was really nice actually as I pulled my quad muscle (upper thigh) when I played on Sunday and I wasn't sure how well I'd do. I ended up being a little sore by the end, so of course when we came home I had to use ice and rest it, so I got a lot of stitching in yesterday! 

Homeward Trail:

I'm really happy with how well this is progressing. I even tried some of the couching with #4 Kreinik on the top and left side. It's not quite like the photo, so I don't think I'm doing it as well as some, but I think it looks fairly good, so I'm okay with it. I think another day or two of stitching will finish up the satin DMC and then it will be the beading (not much), and the couching (fairly complicated in the corners). There's also some marshmallow Kreinik #4 eyelets, but they're not difficult either. 

I really think I might have this finished by Halloween which means I'll be able to frame it and have it ready to go well before we see my Grandma in mid-November. That might mean I will be able to finish all the stitching on the hardanger afghan too! Fingers crossed...

I stitched on my new "bag project" while we traveled to and from hockey as well since it's a 30 minute commute. This is Lizzie Kate's HoHoHo and I haven't progressed very far since January. 

I'm using PTB for the "ho, ho, ho" and it is so easy to work with compared to DMC. I think it's a little easier than Kreinik as well, but the difference isn't as marked. The tree and holly are stitched with Crescent Colors Desert Mesquite. 

I hope you're all having a great stitchy weekend!



  1. I find couching quite tricky - yours looks really good. Love the start on ho, ho,ho.

  2. Homeward Bound looks amazing! I've no idea what couching is but it sounds hard. I'm in awe of stitchers who attempt new methods like this.
    Love your new bag project - so cute!

  3. Beautiful stitching on Homeward Trail! Love the new travel project, too:)

  4. You're so close to finishing! :) Looks great!

  5. Beautiful work on both pieces. Hope your hockey pain eases quickly.

  6. beautiful work ♥


Thanks for any comments!

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