Saturday, May 7, 2016

A Finish and Some Opinions Please!

I managed to finish Handblessings A Walk With Dad on Thursday night and was able to fully finish it on Friday when DH was out of the house:

I've mounted it on some thin dark green felt and I like how it looks. I was debating about if I wanted to frame it, but I think I'd really like to attach it to one of the kitchen cabinets so DH and DD can see it easily. 

I'm thinking of putting it here:
and a close-up:

But I'm not sure the best way to attach it. I taped it in place for the photo, but that won't last, and I don't think I want to damage the cabinet if I can avoid it. I'm wondering about that putty stuff they advertise that doesn't damage walls? It's not a huge deal if it affects the felt as long as it doesn't penetrate to the stitching and I can make sure I keep any adhesive away from the stitched area even on the back side. 

So, thoughts? Anyone attempted this? I also wondered about thumb tacks in the felt, they wouldn't make large holes in the cabinet at least.. 

Happy Stitching, and I'd appreciate any help!



  1. Congrats on the great finish Tiffany. It looks great on the cabinet. I would try that putty stuff. Sorry, I never have.


  2. Lovely finish! The putty stuff should work well, but maybe go to a hardware store and see what they have in double sided tape. there might be something you can use.

  3. Lovely finish. How about those 3M strips?

  4. What an adorable piece you have stitched up! I was going to suggest those 3M strips that Angela suggested.

  5. Sweet finish! I would frame it. I would be worried about it getting spoiled in the kitchen.

  6. Lovely finish!
    I am like Justine. I would frame it if it is to stay in the kitchen.

  7. che bel verde, il ricamo รจ bellissimo!

  8. A great finish, Tiffany. Like Justine I would frame it, this seems to be safer for the stitched piece.

  9. Great finish! I know nothing about that sticky stuff, but keep us updated!

  10. It turned out absolutely darling! I'm afraid I'm no help with putting it on the cabinet, but look forward to hearing what you decide.

  11. A lovely finish. Lots of ideas people have given you for hanging it.

  12. This is a beautiful finish. I would love to do my next Handblessing Design the same as you did this one, hope you don't mind if I still the idea. I love it on the kitchen cabinet. But I am not a big "framer" so I am a little bias

  13. Love this finish, I would use the putty, just to keep from damaging the cabinet front.
    Will you be putting this in a den or other room? If so maybe framing it later would be a good idea, thank-you for sharing this beautiful piece.


  14. Wonderful green colors! It fits to cabinet. You'd better to use double sided tape or some kind of safe glue.

    1. Thank you, and thanks for your suggestion too!

  15. lovely piece of stitching. I too would frame it and put velcro along the top and bottom. I have five framed photos on the side of my kitchen cabinets attached with Velcro


Thanks for any comments!

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