Thursday, May 26, 2016

TBT and a WIP Update

Since I forgot to take a photo of my WIP for a post yesterday, I thought I'd tag it on to something for TBT. 

Here's a fun little finish from a pattern by a Sprite Stitch forum member that was completed for Xmas 2010.

I stitched it on a towel and backed it with interface and it still survives to today. The pattern was monochrome, but I wanted to give it a little pizzazz and used some odd DMC colours, whatever seemed to work together to give it an 80s vibe. 

I gifted it to my SIL and that made her want to start cross stitching and then she completed this:

Epic Pokeom 1 also from Sprite Stitch. She even had to add fabric to the bottom, which she managed without it being obvious, so huge congrats to her on completing her second cross stitch project ever. It took her 2 years practically straight and she had to wash it a lot after, and had no bleeding of colours thankfully. 

Now on to my WIP of Mini Winter Magic:

I feel like I'm a really slow stitcher when it comes to HAEDs, although it may be the blending filament slowing me down. Also, with my tendency to anthropomorphize things all I see now is a kind of skull in profile. I'll be glad to get the rest of the blending filament filled in. 

You can see the tree branch outlines now on the left, and if I can get the blending filament complete over the weekend, I think there's a chance I can finish the challenge. There's another colour that will fill in a lot of the remaining space and then very little confetti. I have slightly less than 3 weeks to complete it. 

I'll have extra stitching time this weekend too if I can manage to stitch on this in the car. We're traveling to see my Grandma again this weekend. Since she's now in a nursing home it will be easier for DD to visit her as well. 

I hope you all have a great Memorial Weekend if you're in the USA, and otherwise, a great weekend!

Happy Stitching, 



  1. Love your little finish Tiffany. Your SIL did an amazing job on that ginormous project. Great progress on your Winter Magic.


  2. Have a great visit with my Grandma!

    I typically find HAEDs a lot faster to stitch than other projects (well, at least the older ones-pre dithering anyway).

    I've seen that Pokemon stitch on FlossTube a lot...was your SIL one of those and if so, which one?

  3. Wow, your SIL's piece is amazing - only her second one ever?

  4. Wow, your sister really jumped in with both feet for her second project. Congratulations to her. Very good progress on Winter Magic.

  5. Congrats on your finish!! :) Your SIL's mega finish looks great!!

  6. Omgosh!!! Your sil's piece is a really seriously impressive finish!!!

  7. Love the invaders finish too, of course! ;)

  8. I can't believe that was only her second finish! You obviously really inspired her.

  9. Your towel finish is just too cute! Love your Sister's finish and I am in awe of anyone that stitches a HAED because I'd never have the patience. Have a great weekend!

  10. Love your Space Invaders and the colors you picked are perfect - your sister's finish is INSANE.. Wow You totally inspired her. Your HAED is coming along wonderfully

  11. A wonderful project your SIL has finished, congrats to her.

  12. Your little invaders piece is darling and congratulations to your SIL--what an impressive finish! I can't imagine!!

  13. Love the Space Invaders! Your sister-in-law's Pokemon stitch turned out fabulous. Winter Magic is looking great! I hope you enjoyed your visit with your grandmother.

  14. Holy on that Pokemon! Funny about the skull... that's what I saw too!!


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