Saturday, June 25, 2016

And Another One Done, Another One Bites the Dust!

It's time to adjust my DUCJFC counter again since I managed to finish Totally Nuts last night. 
From JCS October 2015 on L'Amour by Chromatic Alchemy 

I even managed the backstitch outline of this piece and another piece of identical fabric, but then realized I had no fusible interface to iron on the backs. Finishing this into a needle book will have to wait another day or two until I can pick some up. 

I've also managed a little more on the Rainbow Butterfly, although I had to frog some of the red. 

Plus when I realized I was out of fusible interface I finished off Owl #8's stitching and started a little bit of filling in, but I forgot to take a photo. 

Instead, why don't we have a little game? I'm going to join Justine for Just One July and I have to decide what to stitch. In case you're not a follower of hers, in April she took one project and worked solely on it (Faithful April) and managed to get a large chunk complete. Mii and others joined her and also managed significant stitching.  

I have quite a few large projects that would be nice to get them moving along. So here's a top 10 list and if you guess right I'll send a piece of Chromatic Alchemy fabric your way. 


1. KLT Charting Owl SAL - there's a bonus chart if you finish this by the end of July and I've competed 7/12 and started #8

2. Tribal Dragon
It doesn't have that much more to go really, a month might do it. 

3. Vermont - a gift for a co-worker, due by Xmas

4. Sleigh Ride Stocking
I'd love to finish this by Xmas for DD and there's a lot to go!

5. Spider Banner 
I really enjoy stitching on this one!

6. Reflections of Canada
This one is so fun and I'd love to get more completed on it. 

7. Rejoice Tree
This will be for my Grandma and since she's doing better, but still not herself, I'd really like to finish by her birthday in November

8. SHG - Letters from Nora for DD that I hope to finish by her birthday (also November)

9. See Ya Later Alligator

10. Butterfly Quote

So guess in the comments and you'll find out who wins July 1st! 

Happy Stitching and guessing!



  1. Lovely projects - keep up stitching those stitches! ;0)

    1. Thanks! And thanks for emailing me your guess of #9.

  2. Congrats on the cute finish Tiffany. I was going to say #1, but I'll go with #9 as that is my favorite number.


  3. What a sweet finish! So glad you're joining me in July. I think you'll go for #6 - don't know why but it just jumped out at me!

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  5. That's a cute finish and butterfly is coming along really well. I think #7 - Rejoice Tree, just because that's the one I would do.

  6. Nice little finish. And a great idea to join Justine on her one project month. I would do it too but don't have a lot of stitching time next month. So maybe next time. Have fun!

    1. Thanks, and thanks for sending me your guess of #2 :)

  7. Hi Tiffany. I love all your starts and your finishes. I don't even dare to go through my things to see how many things I have to finish! You're a brave girl indeed! I was wondering about your Rainbow Butterfly.....Where might I find the chart for it. I love it! I would love to do one up for a cousin of mine.

  8. Congrats on the cute finish!!:)
    I will guess #4 as it looks big and could be done a lot in a month. I am secretly(oops) wishing you change your mind and pick the one I guessed;)

  9. Yay, you had fun with your nuts ;)
    Congrats on your finish!!
    I will be taking part too in JoJ, it's lovely to focus on just one project for a whole month.
    Glad your joining the fun.
    I think you might go for #5 Spider Banner... it looks really nice!!

  10. Great idea! I'm choosing #1 because I would want that free chart!
    I will be having a Focus for a Finish in July, which is kind of like JOJ but allows me to stitch on my other rotation pieces too. I like it will be Little Snap Dragon or She Tends. Maybe!

  11. I'm voting for number 3 as it has a deadline and I would want to get it stitched in plenty of time. Nice sweet squirrel finish

  12. I missed the guessing deadline. Shows what happens when I get behind. I can't wait to watch any of them grow though!!


Thanks for any comments!

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