Monday, June 20, 2016

IHSW June Conclusion

Joyce let us know it was IHSW this weekend, but I didn't catch her post until yesterday, so I signed up, and here it is, the conclusion. :) Check out everyone else who signed up and her finishes at Random Ramblings.

I did get out Totally Nuts for my friend and this one is totally nuts! I didn't realize/pay attention to the fact I should have been stitching with one strand until it was far too late. The squirrels are supposed to be made from Smyrna cross stitch and they are, but they're quite.. ummm... dense. 

The acorn tops are the beige-y brown blobs and they're stitched correctly with one strand over 2 and using Italian cross stitch. That was new to me and I had to look it up. It's almost like stitching a cross stitch and then backstitching the sides and bottom, but leaving the top open. And odd stitch, but it does look good as an acorn top. 

I think another few nights will let me finish this off and make it into a needlebook. Then I'd like to finish off my Rainbow Butterfly for the Facebook group making quilts for the victims of the Orlando massacre. 

Here's my start:

Hope you all had a great weekend and you can also check out the Stitchery Link-up to keep track of everyone's weekly progress.

Happy Stitching!



  1. Aww, nuts! The two squirrels still look good though! Your new start looks great.

    1. Thanks! And I'm okay with the mistake, it works for now.

  2. Great progress and the squirrels look fine.


  3. Oops, totally missed the IHSW, but I like what you've been working on. Bummer about the thread.

  4. Good progress on both the WIPs. I had once realised for one of my projects after completion that it required 3/4th quarter stitch instead of 1/4th but then it was not difficult to do that as I had to add stitches and no frogging was needed.

  5. I like the squirrels....

  6. Oh well, I love the squirrels as they are :)

  7. Beautiful progress. Love the squirrels. That is an interesting stitch. I looked closer and it is pretty just different indeed. Oh the butterfly is beautiful too.

  8. Love those squirrels. The start on the butterfly is lovely

  9. You made great progress on both! The squirrels and the butterfly are both looking fabulous!

  10. These squirrels are so cute. And a great new start on the butterfly.

  11. Finally I have time to read your blog and I LOVE it. Great embroidery and I love the owls, Mini winter Magic and your new stitching. Thanks for your very nice comments on my blog XXX Hetti


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