WIP Wednesday - JOJ Edition #1

It's Wednesday again and time to show off your WIPs! I have a finish to include this week as well, and I'll start with that. 

Here's Owl #9 outlined in DMC 823 - 4 over 2 and wearing Jodyri Dragon Flames 3 over 2:

And a rather poor photo of the whole set (me holding it up while DH took a photo)

But you see why I can't entirely put this one down for the month. Only 3 more owls to go! 

And now to my JOJ focus piece, AAN's Spider Banner with wildly different colours than charted. It will look something like this when complete:

But my colour scheme is completely different. This is where I was in January after DUCJFC:

And now I'm all the way to here:
WDW Cherry Vanilla
WDW Grape Ice
WDW Gunmetal
all 2 over 2

I have hopes of reaching the spider at least this month and I think it's possible. I really enjoy stitching this one on this pretty, sparkly fabric. I believe it's 32 count, but I'm not sure the type. It's very nice to stitch on for sure. 

I do recommend not stitching while watching subtitled Stephen Chow movies though :) We were watching Journey to the West last night and I think I got one whole strand in after 2 hours of the movie! He was directing this one instead of starring and it was an interesting story with lots of good humour, like most of his movies. We also recently watched The Mermaid, and that is fantastic! If you have a chance to watch it, you should. The comedic timing of the stars is awesome. We rented it from Amazon and watched it twice!

I hope you've all had good weeks and are enjoying JOJ if you joined. Happy Stitching!



  1. Great progress and I can't believe how cool the owls look altogether!

  2. Fantastic owls and already great progress on the joj piece :)

  3. Love your owl colors. Great choices!! Wow you are flying on the spider piece. Can't believe I have to type Good luck reaching the spider haha.

  4. Great progress Tiffany. The owls are gorgeous.


  5. Terrific progress on Spider. Your owls look great together with your colour choices.

  6. Your little owls look gorgeous. And you made great progress on your JOJ piece. I love the colours on the spider web,with these colours it looks really special.
    No, I avoid watching subtitled movies while stitching, lol. It would be useless.

  7. Forza con i gufi che ne mancano pochi!! Il tuo spider banner mi piace di più, hai scelto dei colori bellissimi!

  8. Lovely progress.the Owls are so cute!

  9. I love your colour choice for the owl this month. And great progress already on your July choice!

  10. Your owls do look great and I just love the colour scheme for the Spider Banner! I wonder what the spider ate to produce that colour web?

  11. The owls always make me smile, it was great to see them altogether, fabulous.

  12. Wonderful owls and your spider banner is going to be so lovely and amazing. Thanks for the move recommendations, too.


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