Wednesday, July 27, 2016

WIP Wednesday

I hope everyone has had a great week! It's been really wonderful having our friends here over this last week and we successfully pulled off a surprise birthday party for DH last Saturday! It was definitely a challenge, but he was completely surprised. Part of the reason is his birthday isn't until December ;) But our friends won't be here then and he'd be too suspicious in December, so he's already had his big birthday surprise. 

I had a special cake made that was entirely dairy free so everyone could enjoy it, and it was fantastic! It was very specially decorated too, so once I get the photos off the camera I'll post one of his cake. I forgot to take one with my phone. DH really loved it, and everyone had a good time at the party, so I'm glad we pulled it off. 

On to stitching! 

Not too much done this week with all the excitement, but owl #10 is almost done! I only have a few days to finish it off and the other 2, but I think I can manage it since I have the weekend as well. 

Here's Owl #10 outlined in DMC 823, 4 over 1 and filled in with Jodyri Flying Monkeys (love the name!) 3 over 1:

Clearly this one is unhappy I have him in the Qsnaps crooked and is eyeballing the little bit of Qsnap showing in this photo. :) 

I hope you've all had good weeks and wish me luck finishing off Owls 10-12 before Sunday!

Happy Stitching,



  1. That's a great idea for organising a surprise party - choose a different month entirely! Glad it all went well and everyone enjoyed the cake.
    Your owl is very funny too.

  2. Another adorable owl Tiffany. I love the colors your using. No luck needed, you'll get it done.


  3. You'll get them done, I know you will. Owl #10 is definitely keeping his eye on something. LOVE the floss name!

    Well done surprising DH.

  4. Your stitched owls always look cute:) This project is one of my favourites among yours. That's a good idea to have a surprise party. Looking forward to see the special cake.

  5. Come can do it! There's a freebie waiting for you if you finish them all, right?
    I can't wait to see all the owls together. This one is a cutie, and yes it's a great name for floss!

  6. LOL Happy Early Bday to your hubby. Great idea to get away with the surprise. Love your owls. Good luck!!

  7. What a wonderful idea to have the surprise party early. Glad it was a total surprise (and awesome on the dairy free cake).

    Your owl is adorable, I really like those colors.

  8. Had to chuckle about the surprise birthday party...good one! And love your owls. Very cute.

  9. Another cute owl, nearly, nearly finished, just a couple more stitches.

  10. Love the surprise birthday party idea! Looking forward to seeing the cake :o)
    Your owl is adorable.... he is definitely given you the look!
    Hugs xx


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