Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Theme-Tas-Stitch: Focus February

It's time! It's time! It's the first check in for Theme-tas-Stitch hosted by Kerry of Ramblings of a Biscornu Addict. She's hosting this year-long SAL with a different theme each month and today is our link-up day. 

This month's theme was Focus Finish February and I adapted the theme to my weekly rotation schedule. 

First up was my HAED that I started last year, Dragon Under Glass. I managed to progress to about 1/3 of a page finish by the end of the first week of February:

Then I picked up my Under the Sea SAL from Lakeside Needlecraft. I didn't get as much time to stitch over the past week as I had hoped. February being a short month I don't really get my 4th week of "whatever" stitching, so I will likely continue on with the SAL until I finish February. I'm almost re-done stitching January's octopus:

It definitely needs a little back stitch to bring it out. I should be able to finish it tonight and then start on the shark. I can't wait!!

Next month's theme is March Madness, to stitch on as many different projects as you like, whether it's different every day or maybe have a day full of different projects. I have an idea I might do a night on each of my BAPs that are currently started, or maybe start a new one.. we'll see about that crazy thought in another week or so. 

Happy Stitching!



  1. Great work Tiff, thanks for linking up. Love the little octopus. Such lovely fabric.

  2. Great progress Tiffany. I think you should start some new ones next month.


    1. Thank you Linda. I can always count on your encouragement. :)

  3. You made wonderful progress on your rotation pieces. I will also join you all in this great SAL but I have to wait until July when I will have more regular stitching time.

  4. Your rotation pieces look wonderful. I love the fabric you chose for the Under The Sea SAL.

  5. Fantastic progress! Good luck deciding what your March plans are going to be.

  6. Your pieces are looking wonderful. I haven't quite decided hoe I am going to handle March Madness - but I am excited for a month of crazy stitching!

  7. I love your octopus! I too am tossing ideas round for March Madness. I don't want to start lots of new things that I can't finish as that makes me really stressed and stop enjoying my stitching, but I'm sure I can find a plan that suits me!

  8. That octopus is adorable! I was recently going through some pictures from an aquarium visit and I had quite a few of an octopus on the move! Very exciting since usually they are just stuffed in a corner somewhere. =) I'll have to see how crazy I get in March...

  9. Perfect fabric for Under the Sea, Mr Octopus does look right at home on that.

  10. You've made good progres on both projects. Your fabric for Under the Sea is wonderful!

  11. You are progressing well on your HAED and your under the sea piece is looking cute!

  12. Great work on the little octopus and good luck with the madness next month!

  13. Good progress on the HAED and SAL. looking fwd to what you pick for March Madness.


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