Top 5 Tuesdays - Top 5 Animal Charts and a Full Moon Story

It's time again for another top 5 Tuesday post and I'm remembering to put it up on Tuesday this week, yay! Keebles also joined up this week, so make sure to check out her post and our host, Kate's as well. 

It took me a bit to decide on what to post for this one. I didn't want to duplicate Kate or Keebs, although I definitely have enough Durene Jones animal charts to fill this list 3 times over...I certainly have enough animal charts in my stash, but I posted a little bit about them last Tuesday week. So I'm going to try and think of 5 other animal charts in my stash and you can see into the depths of my stash madness. 


1. Regal Tiger

I think I got this one on clearance at A.C. Moore when they were clearing out a lot of their cross-stitch stuff. I haven't picked it up yet, but I would love to get to work on this one. 

2. The Guardian

I think this was another one from A.C. Moore, and again, I'd love to get this one going, but too many WIPs. 

3. In Harmony

This is one I've actually started, although it hasn't been touched in years. It used to be my secret at-work project that I left at work so DH couldn't see it. I've since left that job (over 5 years ago) and I don't think I've had this out since! I can't even find a photo of it, although I'm sure I took one sometime. Plus this isn't on my WIPs page, so I'll have to add it. 

4. Daisy Dragon

I think I might have picked this one up when my LNS was closing, again on clearance. I think this would be fun to stitch as well and would look good in my house. Some day it will be a start!

5. Honest Santa - I Didn't Do It!

I bought this last year at The Wooden Needle in Stowe, Vermont and I never did get it started for Xmas. Definitely this year it will be started and finished!! Hold me to it! :)

And now for the bonus section of this week's Top 5 Tuesday post:

TOP 5 ANIMAL CHARTS - In My Wishlist at

1. Polar Bear Snowglobe

I'd like to finish the Santa one I've started before I get this one. :)

2. Sleepy Hollow

This has been in my wish list forever, I really need to break down and get it one of these days. 

3. Light and Shadow

Some very cool dragon designs, and since they're somewhat smaller than others, I can fool myself into thinking they'd be done quickly. ;)

4. Tribal Ladybug

I have quite a few of the tribal designs in my wish list, and I already have the elephant Kate talked about in her post. There are some I love and some I really think are blah, so I think it's more personal taste with these tribal designs. 

5. Giraffe

Such a nice, realistic giraffe! My only issue with this is it's a kit and I'm so-so on purchasing kits since the fabric is often not as nice as I'm used to. 

There, now you know a little bit more about my stitchy stash and wishes. :) I hope you all have a nice week. Last week was a little wacky, and I don't think I'm the only one that noticed. It was a full moon on Friday or Saturday and the strangest thing happened during my hockey game on Friday. This is such a rare occurrence I couldn't even find any photos online! 

We were playing, skating around, and one of our defence (stays back near the goalie) took a shot on the other team's goal. The puck got stuck inside the skate of a player on the other team! 

Here's a photo of a skate

so if you can imagine a puck, that looks like this

getting stuck in the hole under the boot part, that is exactly what happened. You could never do that by trying, I swear, but it happened during my game during a full moon. 

The next question might be why is the hole the size a puck can get stuck in? Well, it almost never happens, and I think it had something to do with flexibility and stability on skates. So that's my bizarre full moon story, do you have any? 

Happy Stitching!



  1. I just LOVE your 5 picks. 5 is my fav with the adorable dog!! Love your wishlists pick too. LOL You already heard about my weird fight with my sewing machine. I will hope it's the same full moon weirdness you had. That is very weird about the puck. Too funny.

  2. 'In Harmony' with the wolves made me smile after reading about your full moon story.

  3. Interesting topic. It got me thinking right away. I really enjoyed seeing your picks and your wish list! The Tribal Ladybug is my favorite although the expression on the giraffe is pretty precious.

    I don't have many projects in my stash where an animal is the focus of the pattern. They're generally incidental in the projects I choose. I do enjoy stitching realistic rabbits, though.

  4. Some very beautiful charts on animal theme in your stash. Can i know the name of designer of Regal Tiger?
    Interesting story about the full moon.

  5. Love the dragons. I know what you mean about WIPs, my baskets are full but I still manage to start new projects.


  6. Regal Tiger has to be my favourite!! I love big cats, I am mesmerised & could simply watch them for hours... somewhere safe, obviously! :D
    Fancy a puck being stuck in the skate blade! How weird!!

  7. You got some wonderful charts there. I love the tiger!

  8. Theo are all lovely! I like the bear🤗💕

  9. That ladybug is great! Im thinking how it would look in alternate colours too. great choices!

    1. Thanks! I tried not to double you, although it was hard not to put the Tribal Elephant in my stash list.

  10. I love all of your charts Tiffany. I really must quit looking at blogs. I want them all.


    1. It's so hard. I'm always so tempted by all your small designs too!

  11. You're killing me - wolves, dragons, polar bears, Halloween, oh my!
    No full moon stories here, quite boring.

  12. Great choices for animal charts. Mine would all be cats or dragons! I have the Firewing dragons and now I am coveted your Daisy Dragon as I'm doing Little Snap Dragon already!

  13. Love the fox chart, very interesting and of course that cute dog must be stitched for next Xmas! Love your full moon story too! not an ordinary one! xxx


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