Tuesday, May 9, 2017

TOP 5 Tuesdays: Top 5 Stitchy Sites

Hello again Top 5 Tuesday people! Make sure you check out our excellent host Kate's page to find out topics and check out the links of the other Top 5 participants. This topic might lead you to some new places, or maybe we'll all have similar lists, let's find out! 


1. Cross Stitch Forum

This was my first foray into Internet cross stitch things and I so wish I'd found some places earlier before certain charts were discontinued, designers stopped designing, etc. However, this was a great place to start! Everyone was very friendly, and they still are if you're looking for a non-Facebook place to chat and share your work or check out other people's stitching. 

I haven't been on the forum as much as I used to be, but there are still lots of great people on there and new members are always welcome. 

2. Facebook

It feels like stitchers have really found a home on Facebook in many ways. There are tons of different groups celebrating many different types and ways of stitching. I still feel Facebook takes too much time away from my stitching, so I don't post too much on there, but it can be a great place if you find the right group to join. Also, if you're stitching gifts for anyone, make sure you only share them on a closed group and not a public group. :) 

3. 123stitch.com

123stitch generally has pretty fast shipping and the one time they made an error and sent me the wrong chart, they said I could keep it and sent me the correct one as well. I have a long wish list there since every week something different is at least 20% off and I keep adding things I'm interested in to the wish list. Since I won a gift certificate from Rachel, I need to decide what I'm going to get! 

4. Herrschnerrs

This is another dangerous site. They also tend to have some great sales, especially seasonal things that are now out of season. If you sign up for the newsletter/sales then they send coupons every week I think. I had to stop because the temptation is so great. But I have picked up some great deals. There's also a section of pdf charts that are inexpensive, so it's much too convenient. :D

5. Etsy

It feels likes stitchers have also done well at Etsy in being able to display their patterns to a much wider audience. There are several great designers on there and it must be going well as they continue to add to their designs. I think you have to be careful as there are likely some people that just slap cross-stitch software on any image and don't take care as well as some of the other designers. It's a great resource though, and not a bad way to waste an hour or two if you can't stitch. 

I hope you enjoyed the list and I'm curious to see how closely we all match this week. 

Happy Stitching!



  1. The Cross Stitch Forum was my first cross stitch forum, but I just lost touch with it over time. Herrschnerrs has these fantastic floss holder wooden drawers that I've been drooling over forever, but considering their price and how many I'd have to have, I just can't bring myself to do it financially!

  2. I had placed an order with herrschnerrs and found a code for free shipping but didn't see any conditions about it being for US only. Needless to say they contacted me asking for more money so I requested for the order to be cancelled as most companies are able to restrict their coupons so that it wouldn't go through if conditions aren't met, if not they usually take it on the chin.

  3. Great list Tiffany. I frequent all of them except never been on the first one.


    1. Thank you. It's a very friendly forum, but I expect you have enough going on. :)

  4. Great list Tiff! Craft Bubble was one of the very first Forum I was involved in. I was on Cross Stitch Forum as well but seemed to gravitate to Craft Bubble more often than not! I agree about FB - I try to limit my time on it at night n ow as I would never get any stitching done during the evenings :o)
    Hugs x

  5. Grazie! Alcuni siti non li conoscevo

  6. I've discovered online stitching people to late for the stitching forum (at least, my own interest in message boards had almost vanished by that point), but all the others I know! It's so great that stitchers from all around the world can connect via the Internet.

  7. Great list. I expect my blog was number 6! I started with a couple of Yuku Boards and then moved to Blogging. I did belong to some Yahoo groups but hated the way they posted messages so didn't go there much.
    I love the Designer specific groups on FB, being able to chat to the designer is incredible!

  8. Great list, Tiffany. Don't forget Instagram - lots of stitchers on there, these days.

  9. I used to be a member of several message boards but somehow lost interest after a while. Now I'M only into blogging and that eats up just enough of my time, lol.

  10. Great links, Tiffany. Blogging is quite enough for me! Or I won't have any time for stitching, tee hee!
    Barbara x

  11. I started on a forum and now only visit one. I don't do FB and only blog read.

  12. I am with an 8,000+ member group in FB and yes, it does eat up a lot of my time, stitching or otherwise. I decided that I can live on if I don't get to see about 20 posts of progress and finishes, so I try to get off. When I wasn't doing FB, I was catching new blog posts and commenting. Now it takes me 3 or 4 days to see a new post and comment! I'll never give up up blogging though. I have followers who don't FB or Instagram. Great list.

    1. Very true! I try and keep my stitching to blogs and minimize the FB time, but it is difficult sometimes.


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