WIP Wednesday

I hope you all had a Happy Halloween! Jo was at it again with her blog hop and check it out here if you haven't tried for the sweet prizes. I forgot to mention which one I'd like to win, but I think the Imaginating design is the coolest. 

I realized I didn't really have any new Halloween stitching besides the Palko lap monthly stitch in orange and black, so I showed one from 2015 that I love! And still need to make into a pillow. 

On to current WIPs though! 

The Lakeside Needlecraft Specialty Stitches SAL will be over this Friday when part 6 comes out. I can't wait! I finished Part 5:

I'm stitching this one over one on 28 ct Realgar by Chromatic Alchemy with a club thread. I've almost used one entire skein, so that's pretty impressive. I'm using waste knots and hope to clean this up after part 6 is complete. :)

Fishing is coming along as well and is starting to look like something now:

I still have a decent amount to complete and hopefully I can get a few good evenings of stitching in this weekend for this one and Covered Bridge. 

I hope you all had fun yesterday and time to buckle down for Xmas! :)

Happy Stitching!



  1. Beautiful progress on both pieces. That thread on the SAL is just amazing.

  2. You are doing so well with this SAL! It looks lovely.
    I really like the sepia design too.
    Have fun with your stitching :)

  3. The rainbow effect on your specialty stitch SAL is amazing. Can’t wait to see it finished.

    1. Thank you! I can' t wait either. It might even be out around midnight tonight. :)

  4. Ugh Xmas...can't we just have post-Halloween instead? Geez, all those different kind of stitches make my brain hurt! I can't believe how amazing they all are! I am NEVER going there though...not enough guts!

  5. Fishhing is looking great.Looking forward to seeing your finished SAL :)

  6. Lovely!!
    I just signed up for the Bands Sampler by this company. Are you doing that one too?

    1. I'm not actually, I'm not a huge sampler person. It is nice so far, but I have too many other WIPs. I couldn't resist trying the specialty stitches though. I do have their Halloween SAL and Fantasy SAL and Under the Sea SAL though!!

  7. Tiffany: They are both lovely designs.


  8. Your SAL piece is amazing Tiffany! Fishing is looking good too.

  9. Good progress on both the projects. The SAL piece is almost done.

  10. Looking forward to seeing whats in the middle of your SAL

  11. Thanks for the Blog Hop shoutout, I think I managed to stump most people until the end this year!
    Love the way the rainbow thread is working out for the Speciality SAL.

  12. Lovely progress! The rainbow colours are working really nicely for the speciality stitches.


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