Gifted Gorgeousness 2018: April Edition

It's the 15th of the month again and time to post about our Gifted Gorgeousness! What we're stitching, what we've received, anything we can shoe horn into the theme. Check out everyone's posts over at our fabulous host, Jo's blog

Fishing - for my uncle
28 ct Tempest by Chromatic Alchemy with charted threads

This is getting really close, I think I'll try and stick with it until it's complete. One reason I'd like to is this uncle also recently had bypass surgery. He came through it fine, but makes me think I should just finish it and get it sent to him. I started the backstitch too, and I do like the effect so far. 

Full Moon - DD
28 ct Lazurite by Chromatic Alchemy with charted threads

I really love this pattern and have been enjoying stitching it. I need to actually pull all the colours and have it set, but I keep getting pulled back by older WIPs I need to finish too.

Kiss for a Snowman - DD
14 ct white Aida with charted threads

I decided to pull out a different colour instead of green or blue.

Princess and the Dragon - DD was here:
and now:
28 ct Amarinthine by Chromatic Alchemy

Full size so far

It was nice to get this out again at a recent conference and get a fair bit done. I decided the bottom would be easier if I did 10 squares across and then moved up or down to try and break up the long patch of black. 

Hell is Other People - for a friend who works in retail
 14 ct Aida, unknown dyer and stash threads

This was my first Subversive Cross Stitch design that I stitched and it won't be the last. I bought a few patterns when they were having a sale a month or so ago. I think my friend will get a kick out of this one

I Love You More Today - DH
 28 ct Eye of Newt by Chromatic Alchemy

I got a few more stitches in this one as well for DH. It kind of fits as things haven't been as smooth the last few months as they have the last 19 years, but I'm sure it will smooth out. 

Knitting - Vest for DD's doll
 Finished Skagen Shawl for Grandma

and I finally used my 123stitch gift cards to pick up some Lizzie Kates and one Lanarte:

I had no ideas Lanarte kits came so prettily packaged, that was quite the surprise. It's the animal safari parade one you can see in the above photo. 

I hope you all had a great month and check out Jo's blog for everyone's posts. 

Happy Stitching!



  1. I love the subversive cross stitch! Perfect for someone who deals with the public all day. I have stitched several Lanarte kits including some huge ones and none of them came packaged like that! It's a nice kit.
    Lovely stitching on your other projects.

  2. Awesome progress this month Tiffany. Love your new stash.


  3. Wow, you did a lot of gift stitching and knitting this month! Fishing really is almost done now, and I think I know (and love) that saying on 'I love you more today'. I hope everything will be back to smooth soon enough!
    Great purchases as well. That Lanarte kit sure is pretty...I've been eying a few of their designs, but have been unsure about the high prices. It seems you really do get your money's worth, though!

  4. Since I'm not stitching right now, I'll have to do so vicariously through you (which means you also have to stitch twice as much HA!). Great work as always and I love seeing Princes and the Dragon coming out to play again!

  5. Beautiful progress on everything. Fishing looks great! The backstitching just adds so much to most designs. Great new stash haul. You're right that is a great kit. Beautiful fabric.

  6. You made some great progress on your projects.The one for your uncle will soon be finished.
    Lovely new stash.

  7. Uncle is going to love his very special gift. I hope he continues to improve after his surgery.

  8. Bellissimi e quanti progressi!

  9. Thanks for taking part in GG this month. I agree with focusing on Fishing, there can't be too much more to do now, especially as the rows get shorter at you move up the design!
    Love the subversive stitching too, I like a bit of snark, especially working in retail!

  10. Lovely stitching. I enjoyed my visit.

  11. So good to see progress on so many gifts. You definitely need to get Fishing finished though... :)

  12. So many beautiful gifts. I love the one you are stitching for your uncle.AriadnefromGreece!

  13. Wow! Lots of lovely projects going on, Tiffany - I really love the Princess and the Dragon.

  14. Yes, stick with Fishing! It's so close and a finish is like Morale Boost++ in the stitching world haha. The Lanarte kit is very interesting. I like to see fancy packaging like that.

    What, no "The Customer is Always Right"? Surely anyone who has worked retail knows this... *rolls eyes dramatically*

  15. Tiffany: I am loving your design for your Uncle, it is lovely as is all your stitching.

    Great choice on using your 123 Stitch giftcard.


  16. Great progress on your projects! Looking forward to see your starts with the new stash.


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